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01-11-2009, 20:59   #1
Smug Bastard
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The Great Cool Vids Photoshop Competition! (Archive)

Okay gang, we're going to try something new here. From now until 21:00 next Sunday (08/11/2009), you kids have the chance to enter our very first weekly* Photoshop competition! This is the image you must "shop" to be eligible for entry:

Here are the rules:

1. No pornographic images.

2. No real-life displays of violence (faux-violence is fine)

3. Nothing libelous.

4. Nothing naughty, basically. Use your common sense. If you can't, Uncle Frada and his fellow mods will do it for you. Then you'll be told off.

The winner will be chosen by thanked posts, and I will decide the winner if there's a tie-break. You may enter as often as you like. Remember that you have a week to enter, so feel free to be as creative as possible i.e try to avoid adding just a speech bubble to Chrissy there.

Here's a site to host images on:

Try to keep it under 800x500 pixels please or I'll bate ya.

If anyone has any ideas for the image we should use for next week's competition, feel free to PM them to me.

*Assuming it's popular enough to sustain interest for more than one week.
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01-11-2009, 21:27   #2
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You're winning so far Frada Not very original though !
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01-11-2009, 22:12   #3
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EDIT: No fair, I only have MS paint to work with.

EDIT EDIT: I didn't read the part about the speech bubble. . . I'm sorry

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01-11-2009, 22:29   #5
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I too only have paint.
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01-11-2009, 22:33   #6
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Again, Paint.

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01-11-2009, 22:38   #8
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Entry 2
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01-11-2009, 22:39   #9
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Entry 3
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01-11-2009, 23:01   #11
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"I mean what... a couple of kids eaten? So f*cking what."
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01-11-2009, 23:20   #12
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01-11-2009, 23:21   #13
Ghost Train
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01-11-2009, 23:34   #14
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I have Photoshop, thus have no excuse for my poor editing skills

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01-11-2009, 23:36   #15
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I don't have photoshop and I'm not funny.

Used Paint and MS Word, aren't I clever?:

This is where I discover none of you in Ireland have any idea who the green duck is...
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