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Everything you need to know about Airsoft in Ireland - Newbie's start here

There is a lot of information in this thread, which people commonly dont read all the way through, at the very least, watch the video below, it will tell you the most important things you need to know, however please read the note below the video aswell.

Note: the video above is an excellent intro for newbies, however a couple of points to note which are slightly different to the US
1. We do not use the term airsoft 'weapons' here, an object only becomes a weapon when it is used as such, please use the term airsoft device, aeg, airsoft pistol, airsoft rifle or similar
2. Pellets are completely different to BBs, pellets are usually made of lead, have a pointed tip and are designed to be fired out of high powered air gun. Airsoft devices fire BBs, not pellets
3. Slightly less important than above, we generally just use the "bang" rule, say it once and say it loud so that there's no confusion.

Okay, a few people have asked for this. I'll leave it here as a single-post sticky and if other questions crop up, I'll add to it over time.

First, a caveat - I'm not a soliciter, nor a barrister, nor a judge. I'm an engineer. My formal training in law begins and ends with torts and contracts. The good news is that all this stuff is out there and you don't need to be a barrister or soliciter to understand it. All you need to do is sit down and read it. It just takes a while is all, because you have to read all of it - the law, the statutory instruments, the case law, the judgements, etc, etc, etc...

Also, a friendly word of advice. When dealing with the Gardai or Department of Justice, please don't think that just because it says one thing in the law that you can just beat them over the head with it. For a start, they probably don't want to be denying you your fun (if it's safe) anyway, they're busy enough with real criminals to worry so much about the civil law regulating airsoft and paintball as sports. So rough treatment tends to happen more because of expediency than prejudice. Secondly, you get more flies with honey. Talk to your local garda, don't demand things from him. You do not have a right to keep and bear arms, and if you act like you do, you'll most likely have an unpleasant end result. Just keep in mind that these lads and ladies are doing an unpleasant, dangerous, thankless job and one or two of them have now desecrated their good name in the past few years, so unless they do actually do something unfair to you, give them the benefit of the doubt. You'll be rather surprised at how far the good ones will go for you as a result.

Now, on with the show...

So what's the story with airsoft/paintball/pellet guns? Well, first off, they were once illegal. In 1964, they were deemed to be firearms by the 1964 Firearms Act which read:
2. —(1) In the Principal Act and this Act, "firearm" shall include an airgun (which expression includes an air rifle and an air pistol) and any other weapon incorporating a barrel from which metal or other slugs can be discharged and a prohibited weapon
Here, Principal Act meant the Firearms Acts 1925-1964, as amended. What all that meant was that to have any kind of airgun, be it airsoft, air rifle, air pistol, paintball, BB gun, anything that used air to fire a projectile from a barrel - you had to have a firearms licence or you were breaking the law. Yes, that did mean that suction cup dart guns and nerf guns and a dozen other kids toys were legally firearms. Yes, Gardai did occasionally enforce this - usually at ports on people coming back from abroad with pellet guns of some kind in their luggage. They'd confiscate and destroy the guns and there'd be a warning put in the local papers. The reason this didn't happen anywhere else was that everywhere else, the airgun had to be over a certain strength to be a firearm. This strength was specified, not in muzzle velocity or pellet weight, but in terms of kinetic energy of the projectile at the moment it left the barrel which was referred to as the muzzle energy of the firearm. In the UK, air rifles had to exceed 12 foot pounds and air pistols had to exceed 6 foot pounds to be considered firearms. In the North, the limit was made lower by recent firearms acts to 1 joule. In Germany and most of europe, the limit was set at 7 joules. (Foot pounds were the imperial measure, Joules is the SI or metric measure).

Okay, so has that changed in Ireland? Yes, it has. The 2006 Criminal Justice Act altered the Firearms Acts in Ireland. According to the Firearms Acts, 1925-2006 as amended, a firearm is now defined as (at least in relation to airguns):
an air gun (including an air rifle and air pistol) with a muzzle energy greater than one joule or any other weapon incorporating a barrel from which any projectile can be discharged with such a muzzle energy,
Criminal Justice Act 06

Now most airsoft guns have a muzzle energy of one joule or less, so they are no longer legally defined as firearms and as such are not subject to the Firearms laws in this country. So you can buy and sell them openly and legally as commodities (or toys, to use a simpler term).

HOWEVER, and please note this - in this country, the law says that to point a firearm at someone is to commit an act of assault. It does not matter if the firearm is loaded or even if it is real. In other words, point a toy gun at someone, and if they believe it is a real gun, you have broken the law. This doesn't mean that the sport of airsoft is doomed; it just means that if people go about pointing these things at people on Grafton Street, that it's likely they'll be the subject of a special law all of their own. (The fact that someone has already shot a lady Garda in the face with one isn't a positive point in airsoft's book either).

So right now, airsoft is perfectly legal and above board - so long as the airsoft gun used has a muzzle energy of one joule or less (weighing of pellets and chonygraphs may become a common feature at commercial fields as a result of this). However, it would strongly behove those playing the sport to present a very positive image for the sport!

What about paintball markers? No, sorry guys. They usually have a muzzle energy of 13-15 joules or more. Lower muzzle velocity, yes - but a much, much heavier projectile. Kinetic energy is half the Mass times the Velocity squared, for those who didn't do physics for the Inter Cert (or who just don't remember), so it's not just the one thing you look at, it's two - velocity and mass.

So are markers illegal? No, they're not - but you do need either a licence or an authorisation. Authorisations are usually used by clubs because they don't apply to one person, but to a group; they're also restricted to one place, which isn't such a problem for a commercial field, but would be a pain in the ass for an individual. Individuals go to the local garda station and apply for a firearms licence. €38 per annum is the cost, and you will have to be polite and reasonable if you want the best odds. There are more details on applying for a firearms licence here, along with a look at the form you'll have to fill out. You may need to put a serial number or mark on the marker; some superintendents will accept the make and model of them since markers are really not the main thing the Acts were written to worry about!

And airsoft guns? Well, depends on the muzzle energy. If it's over 1 joule, you need a licence. If not, you don't. It's that simple.

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*AIRSOFT NEWBIE THREAD*. What is Airsoft? Equipment? Where to play?


Airsoft is a modern combat sport or recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic airsoft bbs, launched from airsoft guns. Participants typically employ the use of varying types of guns designed as replicas, tactical gear, and accessories used by modern military and police organizations.

Airsoft has its roots in late-1950s East Asia, specifically Japan where firearms were difficult or impossible to obtain due to local laws; sought a legal alternative for enjoying their passion. Airsoft is still today most popular in several Asian regions, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and to a certain extent, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The vast majority of airsoft guns, accessories, and after market upgrade parts are also manufactured in these countries.

There is also a growing interest in North America and Europe, especially in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Belgium (which is also visited by Dutch players, as the game is illegal in the Netherlands), and Denmark bolstered by an active and expanding Internet scene.

Methods and structures of play

Airsoft participants organize meetings, either indoors or outdoors, at dedicated airsoft battlefields to play a variety of games ranging from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, military simulations, or historical reenactments. Combat situations on the battlefield often involve the use of common military tactics to achieve the objectives set in each game.

Fundamentally, airsoft is a game played within a predetermined area where the objective is to hit the adversary. It is generally accepted that when a player is hit, they will declare it. Unlike paintball, which leaves visible marks on clothing, determining hits are usually based on an honour system. Some common game variations include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Close Quarters Battle. Also there is respawn and respawn team in which a player who is hit counts for a predetermined amount of time, then is back in. The way one wins is by hitting all of the opponent or all the players on the opposing team.


MilSim (Military Simulation) generally combines airsoft play with some military live action role-playing elements. Several goals or missions are assigned to each team, along with a basic loadout of ammunition, (6 millimetre pellets) rations, batteries, and other suitable equipment. The teams will remain in the field for the duration of play, only returning to a staging area or "safe zone" for medical emergencies, or other such circumstances.


A popular basis for airsoft gaming is that of re-enactment, in which players put on clothing and equipment based on a pre-determined time period (for example, World War II) or a prominent military action, such as the Battle of Mogadishu. The game types played usually imitate combat of the time and often impose milsim-like restrictions on players.

Game modifiers

Special rules are often incorporated into airsoft games in order to make basic games more interesting or to increase "longevity" with seasoned players. These may include Medic rules and rules regarding hits to one's equipment.

Honor system

An "honor system" is employed whereby the players rely on each others honesty to admit to being hit, because unlike paintball, the plastic pellets don't leave marks on clothing. Depending on the muzzle velocity of the gun and distance from which a person is shooting, the person on the receiving end of the shot will usually receive tiny welts on their skin. The pellets can sometimes break skin at very close ranges.At point blank range, it is possible for pellets to embed themselves within the skin. In other cases, the sight of the plastic pellets ricocheting off a player or the sound of them hitting a player can be used as a positive indicator of a hit.


To a new player choosing between airsoft and paintball, a beginning package for either is roughly equivalent in terms of apparel and cost[citation needed]. One major difference, however, can be seen in the cost of ammunition and upkeep of the packages - due to the type of ammunition used, airsoft guns are less prone to "jamming", and airsoft pellets are considerably cheaper to manufacture than paintballs.


Most players typically wear military uniforms known as BDUs consisting of separate pants and shirts or jackets when playing, because it not only provides protection against the impact of pellets, but also – just as with real soldiers – aids concealment from adversaries. Aside from protection and the advantage of camouflage, some participants aim to faithfully replicate a specific military (particularly in games such as MilSim).

The choice of camouflage pattern of the BDUs is normally determined by suitability to the playing area, but sometimes simply local availability. Typically military surplus stores are a good source for such items. In the U.S. the most common pattern is "Woodland" camouflage pattern, but recently MARPAT (recently adopted by the United States Marine Corps) and ACU (adopted in 2005 by the United States Army) have also become popular choices in North America, but most European camouflage patterns are suitable with Flecktarn (Germany) being a popular alternative or even strictly commercial patters such as Multicam.

Similarly in Europe, local military uniforms are more readily available and probably more suitable to local conditions. Popular patterns include the German Flecktarn, British DPM or Swiss alpenflage.

However it should be noted that the use of current Irish Army issue equipment is illegal for use for any activity other than while engaged in defence forces activities.

Originally Posted by The Defence Act 1954

(1) In this section, the expression “military property” means any property being –

(a) any arms, ammunition (including bombs, grenades or similar missiles), equipment, instruments or clothing issued for the use of members of the DF, or


(a) If any person –

(i) buys, exchanges, takes in pawn, obtains or receives from any person, on any pretence whatsoever, any military property, or
(ii) solicits or entices any person to sell, exchange, pawn or give away any military property, or
(iii) assists or acts for any person in selling, exchanging, pawning or making away with any military property,

such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding twenty pounds together with treble the value of any military property of which he has become possessed by means of the offence or, at the discretion, of the court, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months or to both such fine and imprisonment.


(1) If any person (not being a member of the DF) wears without permission granted by or on behalf of the Minister, any uniform of the DF or any colorable imitation thereof, such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding ten pounds or, at the discretion of the court, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding three months.

(3) In this section the word “uniform” includes any distinctive part of a uniform.


(1) If any person wears any uniform of the DF or any dress, having the appearance of, or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of, any such uniform, in such a manner or in such circumstances as to be likely to bring contempt upon that uniform, such person shall be guilty of an offence under this subsection.

(3) Any person who is guilty of an offence under subsection (1) or (2) of this section shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding twenty pounds or, at the discretion of the court, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months.
Tactical gear

Players wear tactical clothing and accessories not only for the added realism, but to fulfil practical needs similar to that of a real soldier such as being able to carry spare magazines, water, food or other equipment. The most common accessories are holsters and load bearing vests such as MOLLE, ALICE and the British PLCE systems. Some players even wear military-style helmets, such as the kevlar PASGT helmet or hydration systems, such as those manufactured by Camelbak.


First, just to clear up some general misconceptions; (Thanks to Hivemind187 )

i) The difference between Airsoft, paintball and BB guns/Air Guns are as follows.

- Airsoft (a term coined by the original Japanese releases, literally "soft-air") is a device that propels a soft, 6mm elastic round, weighing about 0.2g at speeds in the region of 300 fps. These devices are specifically designed to be safe as a sporting device to "tag" another player without causing any physical harm (short of a sting and the occasional welt).

- An Air-Gun uses compressed gas to propel a lead pellet at high velocities and is used mainly for target practice and hunting small game (rabbits, rats etc) The general muzzle energy of an Air-Gun is around the 17 joule mark

- A BB gun (BB being the gauge of the round and NOT a reference to a "ball bearing"). BB guns operate under spring, gas or pump and are capable of propelling a metal bearing at speeds approaching 1000 fps. These devices are used by some shooters as a practice weapon or to hunt fowl and small game.

- A Paintball marker is a gas powered (or spring in some smaller devices) designed to propel a paint filled, cellulose or thin plastic ball at speeds around 350 fps. The weight of the Paintball (around 3g) as well as the dimensions (between 1 and 2 cm cubed) requires a muzzle energy of between 12 and 17 joules. Paintball devices are specifically designed to be safe for use against people (hence the round) and rarely inflict more than a mild bruise on impact.

ii) Airsoft devices are not weapons. A weapon is an object wielded with the intent to harm, Airsoft devices are designed to do "tag" another player and to hit targets at a limited range.

iii) Airsoft devices are not capable of being converted to fire live ammunition. Their design and construction material are incapable of handling the pressure that would be placed on them by the gas expansion generated by live rounds - not to mention the lack of a chamber, proper firing pin, extractor, suitable barrel design etc

iv) Airsoft devices look like the real thing for a reason. The people who buy them demand realism and value for money. Due to the very nature of Airsoft as a sport (including the MilSim, recreations etc) it is desireable for the devices to imitate the real thing as closely as possible while still remaining safe to use. Responsible ownership and careful operation negates any potential danger from Airsoft devices - exactly he same common sense rules that apply t any other sporting equipment ranging from martial artists' nunchucku to fencers foils to pool players cues.

v) "Airsoft and Paintball glorify violence, gun fights, war, criminality and terrorism" - This is a common point of view. It is also exactly the same one that many people have towards video games, metal/rap music, modern cinema, television shows and the 9 0'clock news. It is nonsense and there has never been a conclusive study to show that partaking in a sport increases the chances that people are more likely to be violent. In fact, martial arts classes which specifically teach people how to injure one another are known to reduce the likelihood of someone getting involved in belligerent activities.

What follows is what I believe to be the most relevant information on the wiki airsoft gun page. Might stop the same old questions popping up all the time. I've read through it and it all seems correct. If anyone notices any errors tell me and I'll edit it.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns (also known as Soft Air guns by some manufacturers, such as Cybergun and Crosman) are spring, electric, or gas powered air propelled guns that fire small spherical plastic pellets of either 6 mm or 8 mm diameter (0.24 or 0.32 inches). Inexpensive airsoft guns are often used as toys, while more expensive modes may be used for firearms training or in the sport of Airsoft, which is similar in concept to Paintball.

Generally they are replicas (in appearance only) of real firearms, but occasionally fictional firearms are available, such as the M41A Pulse Rifle from the Aliens films. Some very inexpensive airsoft guns are reduced scale models (such as the Boys models by some makers) or caricatures (like the mini-electrics) of firearms.

Because airsoft guns are visually accurate replicas they are often used as movie props.

Electric powered

Electric-powered airsoft guns typically use a rechargeable battery to drive an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "automatic electric guns" or AEGs. These guns often attain muzzle velocities of 200 to 400 ft/s (60 to 120 m/s) and rates of fire of between 300 and 1100 rounds per minute. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun.

These type of guns were developed in Japan and the Japanese company Tokyo Marui dominates the market. In a Tokyo Marui AEG, the motor drives a series of 3 gears mounted inside a gearbox. The gears then compress a piston assembly against a spring. Once the piston is released, the spring drives it forward through the cylinder to push a pellet into the chamber, through the barrel, and forward from the muzzle. Many manufacturers have now more or less replicated this basic model, adding reinforced parts or minor improvements.

These guns are powered primarily by nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) with varying voltages and milliampere hours ratings. The most common battery is an 8.4 V large battery (usually about 2400 mA•h.) Also available are 8.4 V "mini" batteries, which generally have 600 mA•h capacities. Voltages for large batteries range from 7.2 V, all the way up to 12 V. The rule of thumb usually is the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts while the higher voltage, the higher Rate of Fire (RoF).

External modifications, such as metal bodies and reinforced plastics that make AEGs look and feel even more realistic, have become very popular. AEG manufacturers such as Classic Army (Yick Fung) produce replicas that are visually nearly identical to their real counterparts, boasting metal bodies and stronger furnishings. Most AEGs produced as of late are designed to be as visually realistic as possible.

The two most common AEGs fielded by players are the AR-15 series (M16 rifle, M4 carbine, etc.; sometimes referred to as the Armalite or Colt series) and the Heckler & Koch MP5 series, because parts for repairs or modifications/customization are commonly available. Also popular are the AK or Kalashnikov and FAMAS and more recently the Heckler & Koch G36 and even more recently, the Springfield M14.

Spring powered

Spring-powered airsoft guns are single-shot devices that use potential energy stored in a spring to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun. The user must cock a spring gun prior to each shot much as you would a real shotgun or bolt-action rifle. This is typically achieved by pulling back the slide (pistols) or bolt (rifles), which in turn compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire. Because of this, these guns are by definition incapable of automatic or semi-automatic fire.

While most electric guns also use springs for propulsion of the airsoft pellet, they are not considered to be in the same category as the single-shot spring-powered guns. Low-end spring guns tend to be much cheaper than their electric-powered equivalents due to their simplicity and lack of electrical components (spring assembly, electric motor, battery, and battery charger) and thus are widely available. These guns are less suited for competition because they are at a disadvantage against automatic guns in close combat and do not provide enough accuracy and power for long-range uses. Some exceptions: higher-end spring-powered airsoft rifles can be quite expensive; these guns are typically suited for "marksman" applications in airsoft matches and can provide competitive muzzle velocities. Additionally, pump shotguns are sometimes used, especially in CQB (Close Quarters Battle). In colder weather, spring pistols may actually be the best possible backup gun, as gas pistols function very poorly (see below), and even the batteries on AEPs (Automatic Electric Pistols) won't do too well in extremely cold weather.

This represents one of the major advantages of a spring powered airsoft gun, as it can be fired in any situation, without the need of an outside force. In a situation where the user is either out of gas or his/her batteries have died, it renders their selected weapon useless whereas one using a spring-powered weapon is not hindered by problems such as this. Also, while not often thought of or even considered, a spring gun may be completely immersed in water and still function with little or no effect on the weapon's performance. In the case of an electric or gas weapon, the concept would be unthinkable and would cause the obvious damage one would expect that water would cause, but in the case of a springer, the only real damage that the gun can suffer is possible rusting of metal parts which can be avoided by thoroughly drying the weapon.

The other major advantage that spring weapons hold over other powered airsoft guns is price. True AEGs can range from $200-$500 and high-end gas pistols can cost well over $120, each also requiring extra equipment; gas, batteries etc. Spring guns tend to not exceed $50, except in cases of high end "sniping" rifles which average out to be around $100-$370 in price. Most players start with a spring pistol as their first, which will usually cost about $10-$30. They are also easier to find because they are sold at department stores like Walmart and K-Mart. Because of their price spring's tend to act as "training guns" to bring new players to airsoft games and are considered the primary weapon of "backyard skirmishes." Almost all airsoft players at one point in their interest in the sport own a spring weapon, whether for its actual application or for the replica value as there are examples of certain firearms that only exist in airsoft renditions as spring weapons.

Traditionally, spring pistols or low quality rifle are used as low-end side arms, and high end sniper rifles used for marksman applications.

Gas powered

Gas-powered airsoft guns use pressurized gas to propel pellets. These guns are capable of automatic and semi-automatic operation. The most common gases used are "green gas" (which consists of a mixture of propane and a polysiloxane lubricant) and HFC-134a. Less commonly used gases include "red gas" (which is actually HCFC-22), CO2 and nitrogen/high pressure air. Red gas is usually avoided unless the airsoft gun has undergone modification, as its relatively high critical pressure can cause damage to the airsoft gun. CO2, nitrogen, and high pressure air are less common because they need to be stored at higher pressures than "green gas" or HFC-134a.

The first ever gas powered airsoft gun are commonly referred to as 'classic' guns, owing to their age. These guns were most commonly powered by liquid propellants such as R-12 (Which was marketed by the Japanese as FLON-12 or brand name Freon-12) freon feed system with a majority of the configurations containing two tanks, one containing the R-12 and one used as an expansion tank, and the gun itself. R-12 was commonly used in car air conditioning systems. It is also illegal in some states and parts of the world because it is not environmentally friendly. Later users modified these old guns to be powered by regulated CO2 canisters or nitrogen/high pressure air bottles to increase power and consistency. However, these guns have largely been superseded by the newer and more versatile AEGs, or automatic electric guns. One of the reasons for this is because the most commonly available propellant, R-12, is costly. Additionally, at high flow rates, liquid propellants tend to cool down, eventually freezing. As cooldown progresses, the rate of fire gradually decreases until the gun ceases operation. The user would then be forced to wait for the propellant to warm up again. CO2 is not affected as badly by this tendency, and nitrogen/high pressure air is immune to it. Furthermore, if liquid propellant is introduced into the gun's mechanism, rubber parts can freeze and eventually damage the gun.

Gas power tends to be used in airsoft pistols where size constraints make electric-powered mechanisms impractical. Other instances where gas is favored are where adjustable velocities are required or where a blowback feature is desired. A blowback feature is a mechanism which cycles a slide or bolt to better simulate a real firearm's operation. Because of the mechanical complexities involved with distributing and regulating gas, these guns have largely given way to electric guns for less specialized applications, however, they still remain a favorite amongst airsofters and no competitive airsoft game is ever complete without a 'pistols-only' match. They are not just limited to pistols; submachine gun airsoft replicas and sniper rifle airsoft replicas commonly use gas mechanisms. Whilst the submachine gun replicas typically feature a blowback mechanism similar to the pistol replicas, sniper rifle replicas usually omit the blowback mechanism in favour of reduced recoil and increased muzzle velocity.

Along with using gas to power guns, it is also applied for use in replica grenades. These grenades are both projectiles, fired from a grenade launcher such as the M203 or GP-25, or throwable. The shells work on the system of an internal piston, filled with gas. Either a series of BBs or in some cases a rubber or soft foam head is seated in or on top of the shell. When the pressure is released the projectile(s) are shot from the launcher sent downrange.

In the case of the throwable grenades, inside the grenade there is a similar piston to the one used in the shells, but is on a literal "timer" that allows the user to clear the area of effect. BBs or powder act as the projectile in the case of these grenades. Currently both types of grenades are not very common, mostly because grenade launchers are quite expensive and the throwable grenades are not very reliable; but with innovations in design they are becoming a much more promising concept and may soon become part of an airsofter's stock arsenal.


Some cheaper and lowered powered AEGs are called low powered electric guns (LPEGs) to distinguish them from the original, more expensive and more powerful AEGs even though their mechanical/electrical design and operation is similar and are not to be confused Mini Electrics. Originally they were only of novelty value, often regarded below spring operated guns due to their cheap building materials and extremely poor performance (attributed to velocities under 100 ft/s).


Some companies - like UTG with their popular MP5 and AK47 models - have improved their quality to such an extent that some models are now considered simply as mid ranged AEGs that are more affordable but still effective.

Since there are spring action guns that can notably outperform the true low end LPEGs and can be found at comparable prices, they are generally considered to be better choices.

MPEG's first came onto the scene back in 2005 with the introduction of UTG's Navy Seal MP5. It retailed around $100 at release. It soon had a cult following by many of the "noobs" in airsoft since they saw that it was a Tokyo Marui clone, and the price was much better than a Tokyo Mauri, and it could use Tokyo Marui upgrade parts. Most of the airsoft regulars cast the gun aside rather quickly, due to the fact that this was a brand-new company, had not shown itself on the field, and the gun was rather poorly built. The first version of this gun has many lemons, and soon a version 2 was released, fixing many of the magazine problems, and improved gearbox quality. Version 3 and version 4 have also been released, with different magazines and batteries.

Soon after the release of the UTG MP5, UTG release the WarHawk, a Romanian AK-47 styled gun. Some players consider the WarHawk a bad gun, due to a very high lemon rate and lower performance than the MP5 at a higher price.


Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP) was first introduced by the Tokyo Marui company with their Glock 18C (followed later by a Beretta 93R model). They were the first handguns to incorporate an electric powered system, capable of full-automatic operation.

In cold weather, they are considered better sidearms than gas powered pistol, because batteries are not as badly affected by very cold weather. Gases like CO2 and green gas are stored in liquid form and require heat in order to turn into a gaseous form. A gas pistol in 10°F will usually only get one to two usable shots from a full magazine.

Because the AEP technology is relatively new, the velocity of the pellets is considered slow for airsoft play. The velocity of the AEP is usually between 200 to 225 ft/s. However, the advanced hop up units on these new guns tend to compensate for the low power and can produce an effective range comparable to those of an AEG.

An AEP differs from what is commonly known as an "Electric Blow Back" or "EBB" in that the mechanical operation of an EBB attempts to simulate of the "blow back" in the slide experienced in a real pistol or Gas Blow Back (GBB). An AEP, however, has a fixed slide where there is no external movement by the slide during operation. At present, Marui GLOCK 18C is the only EBB pistol which provides full-auto fire power. Like all other Marui EBBs, it is marketed towards beginners and thus has a lower power, using four AAA batteries.

The latest AEP style gun is the Marui replica of the Heckler & Koch MP7. It is considerably larger than either of the other guns, but uses the same system and is therefore classified as an AEP not an AEG. It is slightly more powerful than the others and is a suitable choice for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) games due to its small size and decent barrel length relative to its size.

Other Airsoft related terms

Hop Up

Airsoft hop-up devices apply a backspin to the bb so that the pressure force acts on the bb opposite to the direction that gravity is pulling it. This causes the bb to fall less over a given distance than it would without the spin applied to it. The hop up can usually be adjusted, as heavier bbs made of denser plastic, such as bbs weighing .25 grams or more, require more of a backspin in order to counter attack forces of gravity. If hop up is adjusted accurately, it can ensure a completely straight trajectory for the projectile. This increases range and accuracy significantly. Most cheap airsoft guns don't come with this function.

Different Types of Mags

Low cap

Mimics the reel steel magazine capacity. No need for winding

Mid Cap

4 times + normal magazine capacity. No need for winding

High Cap

Large amount of bbs poured into a well. After 30-60 rounds, a wheel at the bottom must be wound forward to load more bbs into place.

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Glossary of common Airsoft terminology

What follows is a short list of the most common jargon you will encounter in Airsoft.

Joule or 1j
A measurement of energy often used when discussing Airsoft or a reference to the law in Ireland indicating that Airsoft Devices with a muzzle velocity of less than 1 joule are not considered firearms.

Abbreviation of Automatic Electric Gun.

Abbreviation of Automatic Electric Pistol.

Generalised connotation for the sport of Airsoft.

Airsoft Device
Refers to any device designed to be used in the game of Airsoft that propels a BB.

An enthusiast or player of Airsoft games, may also refer to collectors.

Engaging in an Airsoft related activity, usually a Skirmish.

Shorthand for ammunition, the load fired by an Airsoft Device

Bang Kill/Bang Rule
Refers to the rule whereby a player may declare another playere "Hit" should they be close enough, without needing to fire. This is observed for both safety and sportsmanship purposes.

The round fired by an Airsoft Device, refers to a 6mm plastic Ball Bearing weighing between .12g and .3g

Abbreviation or the manufacturer Classic Army.

A shorthand for camoflage referring to the patterns on many Airsofters uniform or costume.

Refers to the cheaper Airsoft Devices which use the same dimensions and designs as the more expensive manufactureres.

Abbreviation for Close Quarters Battle or Close Quarters Combat, a style of gameplay focussing on rapid action in enclosed spaces.

Refrers to the gas used in many GBB Airsoft Devices. Red Gas, Green Gas, 144a ,Porpane or HFC are all substitutions for this (though have different actual meanings).

Abbreviation of Gas-Blow Back, a firing mechanism.

A shorthand for Airsoft Tagger or Airsoft Device, frowned upon by some players because of its "real" meaning.

A declaration of having been tagged by an Airsoft BB.

Honor System
The system used in Airsoft to determine whether a player has been sucessfully tagged or not.

Abbreivation for the Irish Airsoft Association.

Abbreviation of the manufacturer I Chih Shivan.

Abbreviation or the manufacturer Jing Gong.

Short hand for the magazine of an Airsoft Device in which the BB rounds are contained.

An internal compartment of an Airsoft Device, often comprising the firing mechanism.

Shorthand for a style of game play involving tactical simulation and Military Simulation.

Muzzle Velocity
Refers to the energy with which a BB leaves the barrel of an airsoft device.

Shorthand for "Grenade" - specifically referring to BB grenades or smoke grenades, may also refer to BB Showers designed to be used with launchers e.g. M203, M79.

Abbreviation of Non-Blow Back a firing mechanism.

A term for new players or people new to Airsoft, often derisory and may be used as an insult e.g. "You total Noob!"

An Airsoft Device or a cheap springer that is used to "plink" at a target, also a term for people who "Plink" rather than "skirmish".

The act of firing an Airsoft Device (or more likely a cheap springer) at a stationary target - from the sound made by shot hitting the metal backplate of the target box "Plink!"

A shorthand for "Pyrotechnic" in Airsoft meaning any device which uses an explosive charge or smoke producing effect.

Abbreviation for Rate Of Fire.

Refers to any organised Airsoft activity wherein players attempt to tag one another using the devices.

Refers to Airsoft Devices which use a spring as their sole manner of firing, often used derisively towards cheap toys.

A shorthand for an Airsoft Device, from the objective of the Airsoft game "to tag" the enemy.

Abbreviation for the manufacturer Tokyo Marui.

Refers specifically to the woodland or forest envirnoment for game play.

To compensate for the ballistic arc of a BB as it travels through the air.

Hop-Up/Hop Unit
Refers to a rubber ring component which imparts backspin on to a BB significantly increasing range but slightly decreasing accuracy.

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Useful Airsoft Links and Info

Ive got some useful links and info here. I wont pretend to have collated this so its originally from

Airsoft Resources

Retailer New Releases and Specials

HOBBY ASIA New Releases/Specials
WGC New Releases
Guns N Guys New Releases
Guns N Guys Specials
RedWolf Airsoft New Releases
UNCompany New Releases
UNCompany Specials
DEN Trinity New Releases
DEN Trinity Specials
Tokyo Model Company New Releases
Tokyo Model Company Specials
Arms Airsoft (was Airsoft Armoury) New Releases
War 4 Toys New Releases New Releases


2K Manufacturing (BB's)
Academy (Best Hobby)
Airsoft Elite
Airsoft Innovations
ASC7 Claymores
AtoZ Armaments
Craft Apple Works
Yick Fung Industrial Co. Ltd. (Classic Army)
Deep Fire USA
Factory Brain
First Factory
Freedom Art
G&P Lasers
G&G Armanent
Guns Workshop
Ho Feng Company (HFC)
Hogue Grip
I Chih Shivan Enterprise (ICS)
JIA DYI Enterprise
Kine Well Toy Industrial Co. (KWC)
King Arms
Kaoru T&G Wachi (KTW)
Leapers Inc. (UTG)
MadBull Airsoft
Mako Security
MS Infinity
Perversity Guns Corporation (PGC)
Piper's Precision Products
Prime Airsoft
Proud Tactical Gear
Smokey's Gun Factory
Spring Time (Taiwan) Inc.(STTI)
Tanaka Works
Tanio Koba
Target Original Planning (TOP)
Unicorn Hobby Corporation (UHC)
Western Arms
Tokyo Marui
Vega Force Company (VFC) aka GB-Tech


Integrated Combat Equipment
J-Tech Tactical
Proud Tactical Gear
LE Gear NZ/Aus
Kiwi Disposals
Eagle Industries
US Cavalry
Tactical Solutions Corporation
Clearer Communications
Propper International Inc.
TAC Force
Uncle Mike's
KP industries
Tactical Tailor

Scanned Manuals and Catalogues

Airsoft Catalogues

Airsoft Guns (1988)
Airsoft Elite
Classic Army Catalog (2003)
Classic Army Catalog(2005)
Gas Gun Catalog (1991)
JAC Catalog (1992)
KSC Catalog (2002)
Marushin Catalog (2004-2005)
Maruzen Calalog (2004)
SoftAir USA (2005)
Tokyo Marui Air Gun All Lineup (2000-2001)
Tokyo Marui Air Gun Lineup (1998)
Tokyo Marui Air Gun All Lineup (1999)
Tokyo Marui Air Gun All Lineup (2004)
Tokyo Marui Air Gun All Lineup (2005)
Tokyo Marui Electric Weapons Vol.3 (1998)
Tokyo Marui Electric Weapons Vol. 3.5 (1999)
Tokyo Marui Electric Weapons Vol. 4 (2003)
Various Soft Air Gun Posters

Airsoft Mags

Combat Magazine July 1990 (History of Airsoft)
Inside Airsoft Vol.1 (Australia)
Western Arms Magna Magazine Vol.1
Western Arms Magna Magazine Vol.2

Exploded Parts Diagrams Only

The scanned complete manuals in the next section contains exploded parts diagrams,
I've separated them out and listed them here in this section for quicker reference.

Airsoft Gas Guns

- KHC M92F NBB: 1
- KHC Desert Eagle NBB: 1
- KJW G27: 1
- KJW Mk1 NBB: 1 | 2
- KJW M9: 1 | 2
- KSC M11A1: 1 | 2
- KSC TMP: 1 | 2
- KSC G17: 1
- KSC G19: 1
- KSC G23F: 1
- KSC G26: 1
- KSC G26c: 1 | 2
- KSC Cz75: 1 | 2
- KSC STI 2011: 1 | 2
- KSC P230: 1 | 2
- KSC M9: 1 | 2
- KSC M92: 1
- KSC M93R: 1
- KSC M93R II: 1
- KSC Mk23: 1 | 2
- KSC M8000 Cougar F: 1 | 2
- KSC Night Hawk 4.3: 1
- KSC SIG Pro SP2340: 1
- KWA Cz75 Magazine: 1
- KWA M92F NBB: 1
- KWA USP Compact: 1
- KWC P990: 1
- KWC Desert Eagle: 1
- Maruzen MP5K: 1
- Maruzen Micro Uzi: 1
- Maruzen P99: 1 | 2
- Maruzen 1911 Govt: 1
- Maruzen Vz61 Scorpion: 1
- Maruzen M11A1: 1 | 2
- STTi M92F NBB: 1
- TM Desert Eagle .50AE: 1 | 2 | 3
- TM Hard Baller NBB: 1 | 2
- TM M92F: 1 | 2 | 3
- TM Mk23 SOCOM NBB: 1 | 2
- TM Steyr M-GB NBB: 1 | 2
- WA Beretta M8045 Cougar INOX: 1 | 2
- WA Beretta M92FS: 1
- WA Colt M1911A1 Government: 1
- WA Para-Ordnance P14.45: 1 | 2
- WA SCW Colt M1911A1 Government: 1 | 2
- WA SV Infinity Championship: 1 | 2 |3 |4 |5
- WA SV Infinity ProKiller Mark II: 1 |2 |3
- WA SV Infinity Tactical Carry: 1 |2 |3

Airsoft Electric Guns

Lets all fill this in!

Airsoft Spring Guns

Lets all fill this in!


Rifles,MachineGuns and Shotguns

Asahi MP40
Asahi M40A1
CAW M24 Sniper
Falcon Toy Corp MP5K
Falcon Toy Corp Specter
G&G Armanent M14
G&G Armanent RK-104(AK-47)
G&G Armanent SOCOM 16
G&G Armanent UMG(UMP)
JAC Browning Hi-Power MkIII
JAC M16A2 Technical Manual
Kokusai CAR-15
Kokusai M16A2 Sniper Crimebuster
Maruzen APS-2 SV
Maruzen Ingram M10A1 (MAC10)
Maruzen KG9
Maruzen KG9 Bullet Valve
Maruzen MP5K
Maruzen Steyr AUG Mini
PDI M24 SOCOM Sniper
Shoei MG42
STAR M249 Para
Sun Project M16
Systema Personal Training Weapon M16
Tanaka M700 Sniper
Tokyo Marui AK47B-Spetsnaz
Tokyo Marui AK47/AK47S
Tokyo Marui AK47/AK47S Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui FA-MAS F1
Tokyo Marui FA-MAS SV
Tokyo Marui FA-MAS Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui G36C
Tokyo Marui G3A3-A4
Tokyo Marui G3A3-A4 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui G3SG/1 Profile
Tokyo Marui M16A2
Tokyo Marui M16A2 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson
Tokyo Marui M3 Super90 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui M4A1
Tokyo Marui M4A1 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui M4A1 R.I.S
Tokyo Marui M733
Tokyo Marui MC51 (G3 Shorty)
Tokyo Marui MP5A4/A5
Tokyo Marui MP5A4/A5 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz A4
Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz A4 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui MP5 R.A.S
Tokyo Marui MP5SD5/SD6
Tokyo Marui P90/P90TR
Tokyo Marui P90 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui PSG1
Tokyo Marui PSG1 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui SPAS12 Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui SR16 M4
Tokyo Marui Steyr AUG Technical Manual
Tokyo Marui UZI SMG
Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Toy-Tec Calico M-100
Youth Engineering MP5A5


HFC Beretta M190 Special Forces Auto
KJ Works Beretta M8000 Cougar
KJ Works Beretta M9
KJ Works Colt 1911
KJ Works Ruger Mk1
KSC Glock 17
KSC Glock 18C
KSC Glock 19
KSC USP Compact
KWA Colt 1911 Government .45
KWC Beretta M92FS
Marushin COP .357
Maruzen Beretta M93R
Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F Chrome Stainless
Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F Military
Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle EBB
Tokyo Marui Glock18C AEP Fixed
Tokyo Marui Glock18C EBB
Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23
Wei-E Tech Hi-Capa 5.1
Western Arms Colt 1911 (SCW)
Western Arms Para-Ordnance HRT Special
Western Arms SCW Para-Ordnance HRT Special


Classic Army M203 QD Mount
Tokyo Marui M203 Grenade Launcher

Airsoft Reviews

Spring Rifles, Shotguns and Launchers

CAW M79 - arnies
CAW M79 Wood Version - amplifiedairsoft
CAW M79 Sawed Off -
CAW Mini Grenade Launcher - arnies
Classic Army Armalite M15A4 - airsoftretreat
Classic Army M24 Spring Version 2 - airsoftretreat
Crosman R32 - airsoftretreat
CSI XM8 - airsoftretreat
CSI XM8 (Jia Li Sheng S-M8) - airsoftretreat
CSI XM8 (Jia Li Sheng S-M8) - airsoftcore
Cybergun AK47 - airsoftretreat
Cybergun Thompson - airsoftretreat
Cybergun Thompson - arnies
Double Eagle FAMAS (M46A) #1 - airsoftretreat
Double Eagle FAMAS (M46A) #2 - airsoftretreat
Double Eagle FAMAS Internal Review - airsoftretreat
Double Eagle FAMAS Review + Disassembly Guide - airsoftretreat
Double Eagle G36c (M41) - airsoftretreat
Double Eagle M47 B2 Shotty - arnies
DPMS A-15 Evolution - airsoftretreat
DPMS Panther Arms A-15 - ampair
DPMS Panther Arms A-15 - airsoftohio
DPMS Panther Arms A-15 #1 - airsoftcore
DPMS Panther Arms A-15 #2 - airsoftcore
G&P QD M203 Grenade Launcher - arnies
HFC L85A1 - arnies
HFC M16a2 - airsoftcore
HFC USR-11 - airsoftretreat
HFC USR-11 - arnies
HFC XM-177 - airsoftcore
King Arms/KM SVD Dragunov - arnies
K.T.W. Winchester M1873 Carbine -
Mad Bull M922A1 120 rounds BB Shower - arnies
Maruzen APS-2 L96A1 Sniper Rifle - arnies
Maruzen APS-2 MK2 Sporter - arnies
Maruzen APS-2 SV - arnies
Maruzen APS-2 SV "SHADOW" (Custom) - airsoftcore
Maruzen Mini Steyr AUG - airsoftretreat
Maruzen CA870 Range - arnies
Maruzen Remington CA870 CQB - justpistols
Maruzen Remington CA870 - justpistols
Maruzen Remington CA870 - airsoftcore
Smokey's Gun Factory Barrett M82A1 - arnies
Sun Project M203 Launcher R.I.S. version - arnies
Sun Project M40A1 - airsoftcore
Sun Project M40A1 - redwolf
Sun Project M700 - arnies
Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Shorty - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Shorty - arnies
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90 - redwolf
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90 - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90 - arnies
Tokyo Marui H&K G3A3 - ampair
Tokyo Marui M203 Launcher - redwolf
Tokyo Marui MP5A3 - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 -
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 #1 - airsoftcore
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 #2 - airsoftcore
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 with Stock - airsoftcore
Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Folding Stock - arnies
Tokyo Marui TACTICAL LAUNCHER - arnies
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper - justpistols
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Sniper - airsoftcore
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec #1 - arnies
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec #2 - arnies
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec -
Tokyo Marui XM177E2 - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui XM177E2 - airsoftretreat
Tokyo Marui XM177E2 - airsoftcore
ToyStar L85A1 - airsoftcore
ToyStar M4A1 #1 - airsoftcore
ToyStar M4A1 #2 - airsoftcore
Toystar SR-16 - airsoftretreat
Toystar SR-16 - arnies
Toystar SR-16 M4 - airsoftretreat
UHC MP5SD3 #1 - airsoftretreat
UHC MP5SD3 #2 - airsoftretreat
UHC MP5SD3 - airsoftohio
UHC Super-9 Pro - airsoftretreat
UHC Super-9 - airsoftretreat
UHC Super X-9 SWAT - airsoftcore
UHC Tactical 9 Sniper #1 - airsoftretreat
UHC Tactical 9 Sniper #2 - airsoftretreat
UTG M324 vs. UHC Tactical 9 - airsoftretreat
UTG M87SA Shotty - airsoftohio
UTG M87SA CQB Shotty - airsoftretreat
UTG M87 Shotgun - airsoftretreat
UTG 870 shotgun series - airsoftretreat
UTG 870 Shotgun Fullstock - arnies
UTG MP5A5/A4 - airsoftretreat
UTG MP5A4/A5 - airsoftretreat
VFC / GB-Tech CA870 Charger Full Metal -
WELL 16-A4 - airsoftretreat
WELL Neonfire M4 - airsoftretreat

Gas Rifles and Shotguns

Classic Army M24 Gas - airsoftcore
G&P SVD Dragunov - arnies
KWC M16A2 Carbine - airsoftcore
KJW M700P - arnies
KJW M700 Review by Silent Assasin
KJW M700 Takedown - wgcshop
Marushin M1 Carbine #1 - arnies
Marushin M1 Carbine #2 - arnies
Marushin Mossberg M500 Maxi (8mm) - arnies
Marushin Mossberg M500 SSB - arnies
Maruzen M870 Shotty -
Maruzen M870 Shotty - airsoftcore
Maruzen M870 Shotty - arnies
Maruzen M1100 Shotty - arnies
Maruzen M1100 Full Stock Shotty - airsoftcore
Marushin M1887 Guard's Gun - arnies
Tanaka Karabiner 98k #1 - arnies
Tanaka Karabiner 98k #2 - arnies
Tanaka M700 AICS #1 - arnies
Tanaka M700 AICS #2 - arnies
Tanaka M700 Police Model - arnies
Tanaka M700 Police (Camouflage)
Tanaka M700 Sniper - hammermods
Tanaka M700 Light Tactical Rifle - arnies
Tokyo Marui H&K PSG-1 -
Tokyo Marui H&K PSG-1 #1 - airsoftplayers
Tokyo Marui H&K PSG-1 - airsoftcore
VFC M82A1 - airsoftcore


Bianchi M12 NATO Holster -
Guarder M.O.D Body Armour -
King Arms Knee Pads -
Blackhawk Industries SERPA System Holster - arnies
King Arms Triple Mag Pouch - arnies
IBEX U.S. Special Action Tactical Vest 3 - arnies
Infinity Tactical Semi Modular Tactical Chest Harness - arnies

Miscellaneous Airsoft

CS Specs MM3 Landmine - airsoftretreat
Escort M26A1 Gas-Powered BB Hand Grenade - arnies
J-Armory Colt M1911A1- arnies
Madbull adjustable CO2 regulator/adaptor - airsoftcanada
Madbull Powdershot - airsoftcanada
Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptor - airsoftretreat
Cybergun S&W Sigma 40F - lonestarairsoft
AirsoftSurgeon Custom STI Eagle 6.0 - arnies
3PSA Colt 1908 VP .25 ACP - justpistols
3PSA/UHC S&W Model 19 .357 Magnum 6" - justpistols
Super Cell Development ASC7 Claymore Landmine #1 - airsoftretreat
Super Cell Development ASC7 Claymore Landmine #2 - airsoftretreat
Clarence Lai AirsoftSurgeon Custom - airsoftplayers
Madbull 120 round 'nade -
Caw Launcher -

Gun vs. Gun

KJW G23 vs UN-KSC G19 -
Tokyo Marui M1911A1 GBB vs. J-Armory M1911A1 GBB - arnies
Tokyo Marui Glock 26 vs Western Arms M84F - redwolf
KSC Glock 19 vs. Western Arms Infinity SV3.9 - redwolf
KSC G34 vs. WA S&W Sigma - airsoftretreat
KSC MK23 Socom GBB vs TM MK23 Socom NBB - snowman
Tokyo Marui GBB Comparisons SIG P226, TM 5.1, TM 4.3 and Glock 26 Advanced. -
Pocket Power: Backup Backups Compared

Custom Mods
- Opinion and advice on my "metal" painting.
- Disassembling the AirSoft Walther P99
- KJW USP P8 Airsoft Handgun Disassembly and Reassembly Guide
- UTG M324 Tightbore & Teflon Mod---instructions and review! --- REMOVED
- WA 1911 SCW2 take down & reassembly guide
- Making of the Silencer -- by DFA
- Homemade M135-A2 3/4" Mortar
- Tutorial: painting to simulate wood
- TM Sig Sauer P226 Rail review, w/creation slide + nine ball tightbore
- KSC USP Compact upgrades review - arnies
- Custom Heckler & Koch MP7 - PDW - unknown
- VSR Cylinder Pin Removal, Step by Step Guide - airsoftforum
- FIELD OF DREAMS: sacred’s guide to bunkers on a budget.
- How to sand metal slides on GBB pistols
- Basher519's VSR-10 Upgrade Guide
- Guarder Enhanced Springs for TM Hi-Capa (Recoil and Hammer)
- Firefly Rocket Valve for KSC/KWA Glock Series
- Guarder Metal Magazine Latch for KSC/KWA Glock Series
- PDI (X-Fire) Hard Kick Recoil Spring for TM Hi Capa 5.1
- Nine Ball Silencer (CW) Adapter for Tokyo Marui M92F
- G&P Metal slide and barrel for G17
- Guarder Enhanced recoil spring and rod for G17 and G18c
- Painting your airsoft gun 101
- Retro-fit Marushin 8mm M1 Carbine into paratrooper folding stock conversion.
- DIY refinishing of the Marushin M1 Garand Stock in a few easy steps.
- Stripping the Maruzen M1100/870 series shotties
- Step-By-Step Disassembly Of The DPMS A-15 Version 1
- Upgraded Cybergun FA-MAS CQB
- How To: Paint Camouflage, Template and Freehand
- Toystar M4A1 upgrade guide by Adamant.
- The M9 Hammer Custom - Ross takes a stock Tokyo Marui M9 Tactical Master and tricks it out!!
- Personalize your favourite weapon - Create and personalize your favorite weapon in real time thanks to the javascript.
- Custom M11, Uzi, G18C, TMP w/lots of big pictures - airsoftretreat
- Customized KWC P226 with lots of pics - airsoftretreat
- S&W M4506 w/ Taclight and Short Silencer -- *Lots of Pics* - airsoftretreat
- Making a HiFlow Valve - unconventional airsoft
- An Automated Motion-Sensing Airsoft Gun Turret - unconventional airsoft
- How We Built the Quintessential Sentry Gun
- Custom Gas Gun - unconventional airsoft
- KWA/KSC G18C Rocket Valve Installation
- Western Arms 1911 SCW2 take down & reassembly guide - arnies
- How to pull the Receiver of the TM Hi-Capa 5.1 apart - by Wege
- Topic: How to polish metal slides? - a topic at ASR with some good ideas on metal slide stripping/polishing
- KWC P99 Field Strip Guide - airsoftretreat
- Exploded Views/Dissassembly Guides of dozens of airsoft guns
- Review and guide to installing a PGC Metal slide on the WA Colt M1911A1
- A review of upgrades for Tokyo Marui P226
- Radio controlled briefcase gun
- Sonic Grenades - Instead of exploding with BBs, they emit a piercing alarm shriek.
- How to Paint Camouflage
- How To Make Another Type Of Airsoft Claymore
- DIY: grenade launcher/trip mine - airsoftretreat
- Homemade Mortar Launcher
- How to: Airsoft RPG!
- Marui M9 Pullapart guide - wege

Hsu Wei
Browning Hi Power MkIII - justpistols


Beretta M92 M190 Special Edition - arnies
Beretta M92 M190 Special Forces Auto FMV - arnies
Beretta M92 M190 FMV - arnies
Beretta M92 M190 Compensated FMV - arnies
Beretta M92 M190 - justpistols
Beretta M92 M190 - nlairsoft
Beretta M92FS - reviewcentre
Colt 1911 Commander - airsoftcore
Colt Python .357 Revolver - airsoftretreat
DarkHawk - arnies
DarkHawk - hotspotairsoft
Glock 26 - airsoftcore
Glock 17 - arnies
IMI Desert Eagle - arnies
IMI Desert Eagle - arnies
Mauser C-96 model 712 #1 - arnies
Mauser C-96 model 712 #2 - arnies
Mauser C-96 model 712 -
Mauser C-96 model 712 with stock -


Browning Hi Power - justpistols

M3a1 Grease Gun - airsoftcore

KJ WorksBeretta M9 - reviewcentre #1
Beretta M9 - reviewcentre #2
Beretta M9 - arnies
Beretta M9 - 858airsoft
Beretta M9 - airsoftcore
Beretta M9 Elite FMJ - planetairsoft
Beretta M9 Elite Full Metal - airsoftcore
Beretta M9 Full Metal #1 - arnies
Beretta M9 Full Metal #2 - arnies
Beretta M9 Full Metal - neasg
Beretta M9 Full Metal - nlairsoft
Beretta M9 Regular - airsoftcore
Beretta M92f Full Metal - SmmAirsoft
Colt M1911A1 - airsoftforum
Colt 1911 - airsoftohio
Colt 1911 Full Metal - 858airsoft
Colt 1911 Full Metal - airsoftcore
Colt 1911A1 - 858airsoft
Colt 1911A1 - arnies
Glock 23 - airsoftcore
Glock 23 FMV - reviewcentre #1
Glock 23 FMV - reviewcentre #2
Glock 23 FMV - reviewcentre #3
Glock 23 Metal Version - airsoftohio
Glock 23 metal slide - arnies
Glock 27 - arnies
Glock 27 - planetairsoft
Glock 32C Metal Slide - arnies
H&K P8 - arnies
H&K USP - 858airsoft
H&K USP - airsoft-guide
H&K USP - arnies
H&K USP - lonestarairsoft
H&K USP STTI Tactical - airsoftretreat
H&K USP Tactical - justpistols
H&K MK23 Socom - airsoftretreat
H&K Mk23 Socom - poweredge hawaii
Para Ordnance P14.45 - arnies
Para Ordnance P14.45 - poweredge hawaii
Para Ordnance 14.45 Full Metal #1 - arnies
Para Ordnance 14.45 Full Metal #2 - arnies
Para Ordnance 14.45 Full Metal - airsoftcanada
Para Ordnance 14.45 Full Metal - airsoftcore
Para Ordnance 14.45 Full Metal -
Ruger Mk 1 - justpistols
Ruger MkI NBB - airsoftforum
Ruger MK1 NBB - airsoftcore
Ruger MK1 NBB - 858airsoft
Sig Sauer P226 FMV - arnies


Beretta Elite M92FS - justpistols
Beretta Elite M92FS - planetairsoft
Beretta M9 Heavy Weight - airsoftcore
Beretta M9 Heavyweight - justpistols
Beretta M93R - arnies
Beretta M93R - redwolf
Colt M1911A1- arnies
Colt M1911A1 - x-fire
CZ75 1st Edition - airsoftcore
CZ75 1st Edition #1 - arnies
CZ75 1st Edition #2 - arnies
Glock 17 - airsoftcore
Glock 17 - airsoftforum
Glock 17 - arnies
Glock 17 - arnies
Glock 17 - floridaairsoft
Glock 17 - wege
Glock 17 and 18c - justpistols
Glock 17 and 19 - anon
Glock 18c - airsoftcore
Glock 18c - unknown
Glock 18c - airsoftforum
Glock 18c - redwolf
Glock 18c - airsoftplayers
Glock 18c - arnies
Glock 18c - floridaairsoft
Glock 18c - neasg
Glock 18c - smmairsoftguide
Glock 18c - unconventional-airsoft
Glock 18c #1 - reviewcentre
Glock 18c #2 - reviewcentre
Glock 18c #3 - reviewcentre
Glock 18c #4 - reviewcentre
Glock 18c #5 - reviewcentre
Glock 19 - ampair
Glock 19 - unknown
Glock 19 - arnies
Glock 19 - airsoftcore
Glock 19 - justpistols
Glock 19 - planetairsoft
Glock 19 - renegaderecon
Glock 19 - lonestarairsoft
Glock 19 UN Custom - airsoftretreat
Glock 26 - reviewcentre
Glock 26C - reviewcentre
Glock 34 - justpistols
H&K Mk23 Socom Hardkick - lonestarairsoft
H&K MK23 Socom - airsoftcore
H&K MK23 Socom - airsoftohio
H&K MK23 Socom - arnies
H&K MK23 Socom - planetairsoft
H&K MK23 Socom HW - reviewcentre
H&K MK23 Socom - unconventional-airsoft
H&K MK23 Socom - unknown
H&K USP Compact - arnies
H&K USP Compact - justpistols
H&K USP .45 - arnies
H&K USP .45 Standard - arnies
H&K USP .45 Standard - airsoftforum
Ingram M11A1 - airsoftcore
Ingram M11A1 - arnies
Ingram M11A1 - floridaairsoft
Ingram M11A1 - mnairsoft
Ingram M11A1 - redwolf
Ingram M11A1 - tac4airsoft
Ingram Mac 11 - planetairsoft
S&W M945 - airsoftcore
S&W M945 - wege
S&W Performance Center M945 Black - justpistols
S&W Performance Center M945 Silver - justpistols
SIG Sauer P230JP - arnies
SIG Sauer Pro SP2340 - justpistols
SIG Sauer Pro SP2340 - redwolf
SIG Sauer SP2009 Heavy Weight - airsoftcore
Steyr TMP - airsoftcore
Steyr TMP - airsoftretreat
Steyr SPP - airsoftforum
Steyr TMP - unknown
STi Titan 5.1 - justpistols
STi Eagle 5.5" Hybrid - justpistols


Beretta M9 - airsoftforum
Beretta M9 Vertec #1 - airsoftgi
Beretta M9 Vertec #2 - airsoftgi
Beretta M9 Vertec - airsoftcore
Beretta M93r Metal - airsoftgi
Colt 1911 Government Mk IV - neasg
CZ-75 (Version 2) - neasg
Glock 17 - arnies
Glock 17 - hotspotairsoft
Glock 17 Metal Slide - airsoftgi
Glock 18c - 858airsoft
Glock 18c - airsoftplayers
Glock 18c - unknown
Glock 18C - arnies
Glock 18c - ampair
Glock 19 Metal Slide - airsoftforum
Glock 19 Metal Slide - airsoftcore
Glock 19 Metal Slide - airsoftohio
Glock 19 Metal Slide - ampair
Glock 19 Metal Slide - arnies
Glock 19 Metal Slide - hellasairsoft
Glock 19 Metal Slide - justpistols
Glock 19 Metal Slide -
Glock 19 Metal Slide - neasg
Glock 19 Metal Slide - ironfoot
Glock 19 Metal Slide #1 - airsoftgi
Glock 19 Metal Slide #2 - airsoftgi
Glock 19 Metal Slide #3 - airsoftgi
Glock 23f - airsoftgi
Glock 23f - airsoftretreat
Glock 23F - arnies
Glock 23f -
Glock 34 - airsoftgi
H&K USP - arnies
H&K USP Compact - poweredge hawaii
H&K USP Compact - airsoftcore
H&K USP Compact - airsoftohio
H&K USP Compact - ampair
H&K USP Compact - arnies
Ingram M11A1 (2nd Version) - airsoftohio
Ingram M11A1 (Magnesium Bolt Version) - arnies
Ingram Mac 11 - ampair
S&W M945T - airsoftohio


Beretta M92FS - neasg
Beretta M9 Heavy Weight - airsoftcore
Beretta M9 -
Beretta M92FS STD Silver - airsoftgi
Colt 1911 - airsoftcore
Colt 1911 BS -
Colt 1911 Caspian Custom .45 - airsoftcore
Colt 1911 Caspian .45 - airsoftcore
Colt 1911 Springfield - reviewcentre
Colt 1911 - hellaairsoft
Colt Python .356 6" Revolver - airsoftcore
Colt Python .357 4" Revolver - neasg
Colt Python .357 6" Revolver - airsoftcore
Colt Python .357 6" Revolver - lonestarairsoft
Glock 17 -
IMI Desert Eagle - unconventional-airsoft
IMI Desert Eagle - unknown
IMI Desert Eagle - airsoftcore
IMI Desert Eagle - arnies
IMI Desert Eagle - neasg
IMI Desert Eagle CO2 - airsofthq
IMI Desert Eagle CO2 - ampair
IMI Desert Eagle CO2 .50AE - arnies
S&W Sigma 40F Co2 - arnies
S&W Sigma 40F Deluxe Co2 - lonestarairsoft
SIG Sauer P226 - airsoftcore
SIG Sauer P226 - unknown
Walther P99 - 858airsoft


AMT Automag .44 - justpistols
Beretta M92F - justpistols
Bren Ten - justpistols
FN/Browning 1910 Secret Agent - anon
FN/Browning 1910 Secret Agent - wege
Colt 1911 Government - arnies
Colt 1911A1 - airsoftcore
Colt 1911A1 Secret Agent - anonymous
Colt .25 Secret Agent - anon
COP .357 - arnies
COP .357 8mm - justpistols
Constrictor Maximum Revolver - france-airsoft...translated from Google LOL
Derringer - justpistols
M-500 shotty - 858airsoft
Mauser C-96 model 712 - justpistols
Ruger Super Blackhawk 10.5" - justpistols
Sturm Ruger & Co MK1 Maxi - airsoftcore
Taurus Raging Bull 8" Barrel 8mm - airsoftohio
Taurus Raging Bull 8" Barrel 8mm - justpistols
Walther P38 - justpistols
Walther P88 - anon
Walther PPK - airsoftcore
Walther PPK - anon


H&K MP5K - arnies
H&K MP5K - tac4airsoft
H&K MP5K A4 - redwolf
IMI Micro Uzi - airsoftdolphins
IMI Micro Uzi - anon
IMI Micro Uzi - anon
IMI Micro Uzi - floridaairsoft
IMI Micro Uzi - xringairsoft
IMI Micro Uzi - ironfoot
IMI Micro Uzi Type U - redwolf
Ingram M11 CQB - planetairsoft
Ingram M11 CQB - ironfoot
S&W 4506 - justpistols
Vz61 Scorpion - airsoftohio
Walther P38 - arnies
Walther P99 - arnies
Walther P99 - airsoftcore
Walther P99 - justpistols
Walther P99 - redwolf
Walther P99 Fixed Slide - poweredge hawaii
Walther P99 Fixed Slide - airsoftcore
Walther P99 TacIII - arnies
Walther PPK/S - arnies
Walther PPK/S - redwolf
Walther PPK/S -


H&K P7M13 - justpistols
H&K P7M13 - arnies


IMI Desert Eagle 10" - justpistols


'Artillery' Luger - arnies
'Artillery' Luger - justpistols
Casull 7.5" Revolver - airsoftcore
Colt SAA Civilian - justpistols
Colt SAA Civilian - airsoftretreat
Glock 17 - redwolf
Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum 7.5" - justpistols
Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull 7.5" - justpistols
S&W M29 .44 Magnum - redwolf
S&W M29 .44 Magnum 8 - airsoftguide
S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum 8" - airsoftplayers
S&W M500 .500 Magnum 8" - justpistols
S&W Model 19 2.5" -
S&W Model 36 .38 Chief Special 2" - justpistols
S&W Performance Center 629 .44 Magnum - justpistols
S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum 6.5" - justpistols
S&W Model 629 .44 Magnum Classic 8" - justpistols
S&W Model 66 Combat Magnum 4" - arnies
S&W Performance Center 629 V-Comp - justpistols
SIG Sauer P226 Heavy Weight - redwolf
SIG Sauer P226 Rail Frame - arnies
SIG Sauer P226 - unknown
Smython - arnies yep.. thats right...a Colt/S&W .357 Magnum hybrid.

Tokyo Marui

Beretta M9 Military - floridaairsoft
Beretta M9 Military - redwolf
Beretta M92 Biohazard - airsoftforum
Beretta M92 Biohazard - ironfoot
Beretta M92 Tactical master - arnies
Beretta M92 Tactical Master - airsoftohio
Beretta M92 Tactical Master - nlairsoft
Beretta M92 Tactical Master - unknown
Beretta M92 Tactical Master - redwolf
Beretta M92 Tactical Master - lonestarairsoft
Colt Government M1911A1 - arnies
Colt Python 4" Revolver - airsoftcore
Colt Python 6" Revolver - justpistols
Glock 18C AEP - airsoftcore
Glock 18C AEP - airsoftcore
Glock 26 - airsoftcore
Glock 26 - anon
Glock 26 - floridaairsoft
Glock 26 #1 - arnies
Glock 26 #2 - arnies
Glock 26 Advance #1 -
Glock 26 Advance #2 -
Glock 26 Advance - airsoftcore
Glock 26 Advance - poweredge hawaii
H&K MK23 Socom NBB - airsoftohio
H&K MK23 Socom NBB - airsoftretreat
H&K MK23 Socom NBB - arnies
H&K Mk23 Socom NBB - neasg
H&K MK23 Socom NBB - smmairsoftguide
H&K MK23 Socom NBB - unconventional-airsoft
H&K Mk23 Socom NBB - lonestarairsoft
H&K Mk23 Socom NBB - justpistols
Hi-Capa 4.3 - arnies
Hi-Capa 5.1 - arnies
Hi-Capa 5.1 - wege
Hi-Capa 5.1 - ampair
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - neasg
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - renegaderecon
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - lonestarairsoft
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - poweredge hawaii
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - airsoftcanada
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - justpistols
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - ironfoot
IMI Desert Eagle - justpistols
IMI Desert Eagle .50 AE HK - arnies
IMI Desert Eagle Chrome - ampair
IMI Desert Eagle Hardkick Chrome - arnies
IMI Desert Eagle Hardkick - justpistols
IMI Desert Eagle Hardkick - nlairsoft
IMI Desert Eagle EBB - airsoftcore
IMI Uzi - neasg
Sig Sauer P226 - ampair
Sig Sauer P226 - arnies
Sig Sauer P226 - justpistols
Sig Sauer P226 - neasg
Sig Sauer P226 - planetairsoft
Sig Sauer P226 Rail -
Sig Sauer P226 Rail - ukairsoft
Sig Sauer P226 Railed - airsoftohio
Sig Sauer P226 - airsoftcore
Sig Sauer P226 - ironfoot
Steyr GB - justpistols


H&K USP NBB - airsoftcore
H&K USP NBB - airsoftretreat
H&K USP NBB - hotspotairsoft
H&K USP NBB - lonestarairsoft
H&K USP NBB - neasg

Wei Tech

Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 Type 6 - airsoftcore
Hi-Capa 4.3 - arnies
Hi-Capa 5.1 Type M - arnies
Hi-Capa 5.1 Type M - justpistols
Hi Capa 5.1 Type M -
Hi-Capa 5.1 Type M - airsoftcore
Hi-Capa 5.1 Type M - airsoftcore
Hi-Capa 5.1 Type K - airsoftspecialists
Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon Type B - arnies
Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon - airsoftcanada
Xcelerator Dragon Competition - arnies

Western Arms

Beretta M1934 - justpistols
Beretta M1934 - justpistols
Beretta M1934 - arnies
Beretta M8045 Cougar F - arnies
Beretta M8045 Cougar F - justpistols
Beretta M84FS Cheetah - justpistols
Beretta M84FS Cheetah - arnies
Beretta M84FS Cheetah Spypack - justpistols
Beretta M84FS Cheetah SpyPack Deluxe - arnies
Beretta M84FS Cheetah - airsoftforum
Beretta M9 Mil-Spec - hellaairsoft
Beretta M92FS Elite 1A - justpistols
Beretta M92FS - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Competition - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Elite II - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Elite CQB - arnies
Beretta M92FS Elite CQB - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Heavyweight - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Perfect Inox - justpistols
Beretta M92FS Perfect Version - arnies
Beretta M92FS Perfect Version - planetairsoft
BOB CHOW Special - arnies
Colt 1911A1 Military Magna Tech - justpistols
Colt M1911A1 MEU(SOC) Early Model (customized) -
Colt 1911A1 MEU(SOC) Late Model -
Colt Government 1911a1 Military - arnies
Colt 1911a1 Military - airsoftretreat
Ingram M11 - redwolf
Kimber TLE/RL II - arnies
Kimber TLE/RL II - amplifiedairsoft
Kimber MARSOC - arnies
Kimber MARSOC -
ParaOrdnance P14-45 - lonestarairsoft
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Combat Plus - lonestarairsoft
ParaOrdnance P14-45 - floridaairsoft
ParaOrdnance P14-45 - redwolf
ParaOrdnance P14-45 - ironfoot
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Silver - justpistols
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Silver -
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Silver - eliteairsoft
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Two-Tone - justpistols
ParaOrdnance P14-45 Limited - justpistols
ParaOrdnance Prokiller P14-45 Combat - arnies
ParaOrdnance Prokiller P14-45 Combat - eliteairsoft
ParaOrdnance Prokiller P14-45 Combat - justpistols
ParaOrdnance Prokiller P14-45 Combat - nlairsoft
ParaOrdnance Ultimate Comp - eliteairsoft
ParaOrdnance Ultimate Comp - justpistols
ParaOrdnance Ultimate Comp - nlairsoft
S&W M4013 TSW Silver - justpistols
S&W Sigma .40 - justpistols
S&W Sigma .40 Metal slide - justpistols
S&W Sigma .40 - eliteairsoft
SCW Beretta M8045 Cougar f - justpistols
SCW Colt Government 1911 MkIV Series 70 - justpistols
SCW Colt Government 1911 MkIV Series 80 - justpistols
SCW Colt Government 1911 MkIV Series 80 - airsoftforum
SCW Colt Government 1911 MkIV Series 80 -
SCW Colt Government 1911 MkIV Series 80 - arnies
SCW Colt 1911 US Army - justpistols
SCW Colt 1911A1 Military - justpistols
SCW Colt 1911A1 Military - airsoftretreat
SCW ver3 Colt 1911 Military - arnies
SCW Colt Defender - justpistols
SCW Colt Delta Elite - justpistols
SCW Colt Lightweight Commander -
SCW Colt Lightweight Commander - hellaairsoft
SCW Colt M1911 MEU Early Model - justpistols
SCW Colt M1911A1 MEU(SOC) Late Model Version 2 - airsoftforum
SCW Colt M1911 DK - arnies
SCW Colt M1911 Premium Edition - arnies
SCW Para Ordnance Doberman - eliteairsoft
SCW Para Ordnance Doberman - justpistols
SCW Para Ordnance Doberman .45 Limited - arnies
SCW ParaOrdnance HRT - hotspotairsoft
SCW Para Ordnance HRT Special (Silver) - arnies
SCW Para Ordnance HRT Special Black - justpistols
SCW Para Ordnance HRT Special - eliteairsoft
SCW Para Ordnance HRT Special - justpistols
SCW Wilson Combat CQB (OD Frame) - airsoftretreat
SCW Wilson Combat CQB - anon
SCW Wilson Combat - airsoftcore
SCW Wilson Combat Vreaker V12 - airsoftretreat
SCW Wilson Combat Vreaker V12 - justpistols
SCW Wilson Combat Vreaker V12 - nlairsoft
Shorty .40 - arnies
SV Infinity 3.9" - airsoftcore
SV Infinity 3.9" - airsoftplayers
SV Infinity 4" - airsoftcore
SV Infinity 5" - arnies
SV Infinity 5" Hybrid - arnies
SV Infinity 5" SCW - justpistols
SV Infinity 5" SCW Green - airsoftforum
SV Infinity 5" Standard Model - airsoftohio
SV Infinity 5" Prokiller - lonestarairsoft
SV Infinity 6" IED - hotspotairsoft
SV Infinity 6" SCW - justpistols
SV Infinity 6" Single Stacker - justpistols
SV Infinity Expert 4.3" - justpistols
SV Infinity Expert 5" - justpistols
SV Infinity Expert 5" - airsoftspecialists
SV Infinity Expert 5" (customized) -
SV Infinity F3.9 Full Auto - redwolf
SV Infinity GIGANT - nlairsoft
SV Infinity GIGANT - hammermods
SV Infinity Hybrid Comp - justpistols
SV Infinity Limited 5" - justpistols
SV Infinity Limited 6" - justpistols
SV Infinity Limited 6" - ironfoot
SV Infinity Prokiller Mark II F6 - arnies
SV Infinity Tactical Carry - justpistols
SV Infinity Xcelerator Fluted Black - justpistols
SV Infinity Xcelerator Hybrid 6" - justpistols
SV Infinity Xcelerator Hybrid 6" - ironfoot
SV Infinity Xcelerator Compact 3.9" - justpistols
SV Infinity Xcelerator 5" Limited Edition - airsoftspecialists
SV Infinity Xcelerator 5" Fluted Black - airsoftspecialists
Wilson Combat CQB - justpistols
Wilson Combat CQB - airsoftplayers
Wilson Combat FBI Trial -
Wilson Combat FBI Trial - arnies
Wilson Combat Hi-Capacity - airsoftcore
Wilson Combat Hi-Capacity - airsoftretreat
Wilson Combat Hi-Capacity - redwolf
Wilson Combat Professional - justpistols
Wilson Combat Professional Parkerized - amplifiedairsoft
Wilson Combat Professional (customized) -
Wilson Combat SDS - justpistols
Wilson Combat SDS -
Wilson Combat Striker - justpistols
Wilson Combat Supergrade Classic Hi Cap - justpistols
Wilson Combat Tactical Special - justpistols
Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade Compact - justpistols

There are probably a few broken links. If you find one can you let me know so I can modify the post. Cheers

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Batteries nowadays generally don't need conditioning as it's done in the factory. If you feel you want to though just to make sure, it won't harm it. Conditioning a battery is simply a process called Deep Cylcing. Which is basically:
Charge to full capacity. Discharge to zero (won't happen if you're using a motor, you need a solid state discharger for this). Repeat twice to three times.

All batteries give off heat while charging. The chemical and ionic change is exothermic. This is only noticeable when fast charging. Batteries are endothermic while idle and while under drain loads. This means they require heat. This is why batteries don't perform as well in cold conditions as they do in warm conditions. This is also why you can leave dead batteries beside a fireplace and they'll actually charge up again.

Memory effect is somewhat of a mythical figure in batteries. It does exist but only in Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries have a charge memory but this can be "wiped" by deep cycling once. It rarely occurs in good quality NiCd's anymore unless proper maintenance isn't taken out on it once in a while. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) don't suffer from charge memory at all.

NiCd's hate fast charging. If you have NiCd's, trickle charge them where possible. NiCd's don't mind being overcharged on trickle chargers though, it act's like a "maintenance charge" keeping them topped up.
NiMH's, conversely hate being trickle charged. It generally destroys them over time. NiMH's became popular because they can go to such high capacities and still be fast charged. They do heat up on fast charge though and unless you keep them ventilated (I often put a fan in front of them) and cool then you could be subject to a reaction called thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is when a battery gets so hot during charge, that it begins to self-perpetuate the charge current, even when disconnected. It is essentially charging itself. It will continue to do this until it is either cooled down or simply explodes. It's rare with a good charger, but it happens.

Hope some of that helped

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heres a link to a calculator, tells you how long to charge for >> REQUEST THIS BE STICKIED

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*AIRSOFT NEWBIE THREAD*. Legality, shops, sport, equipment, skirmish sites & links

This educational video should clear a few things up around here.
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