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25-01-2008, 01:15   #1456
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Originally Posted by hoplite View Post
Hong Kong post have two levels of service.

Post Office Registered Airmail

Tracking will only tell you when the parcel has shipped from Hong Kong

Post Office Global Express - EMS

Tracking all the way to your door as in Defenderdudes example.
I did'nt realise they were sending it any differently to previous orders - I did get a wee bit hammered on the postage (ca.$60) when you add it all up. Total order came to about 140 euro (more than normal I guess). Maybe I could have asked for a discount and done without the tracking...

knowing my luck I'll get stuck for customs...

will keep ya posted.

Thanks for the headsup Hoplite

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25-01-2008, 17:36   #1457
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The saga continues. EbayBanned emailed me today to say my scope had never even been posted. Third excuse I've gotten from them so far and this one is easily the most infuriating. A month after ordering it and they still haven't posted? That's beyond a joke.
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25-01-2008, 18:17   #1458
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ehobby order arrival

Yup - package arrived this morning from ehobby.

Outstanding - ordered 22nd arrived 25th.

Great packing as always, got shims, bushings, buckings, GBB and mag etc.
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29-01-2008, 01:02   #1459
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i e-mailed the dude at www.rsov.com and asked him if he could reduce the fps of the CYMA AK-74U to 320 and he replied saying it was already reduced as standard.Has anyone bought from rsov and would there be much extra charges to pay on EUR109.64(inc shipping) on goods?
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31-01-2008, 08:22   #1460
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Same query as jay&silentbob above, but with Gunner - ordered from rsov/gunner plenty before, but never had to ask for a downgrade before shipping. I have now,

Hi, I am returning customer and I am interested in buying a JG HK416 (with 417 stock, "crane stock" version), but it is too powerful to be shipped to Ireland (328fps maximum with 0,2BB).

Do you still provide the 'Plan 01' service in the "AEG Upgrade" (bottom entry in your categories), to downgrade it to 320 fps before shipping? If yes, at what price please? And if not, can you just downgrade the spring to 1J before shipping and at what price?

Best Regards,
and that's the reply this morning (kudos for the speed, Fung ):

You can request us to lower the power when you place the order, write "please modify the power to less than 1 J" in the comment box.

Do I take the downgrade's free, or what? Anyone done this with Gunner before?

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31-01-2008, 11:11   #1461
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Apologies if this is in the wrong place, new user and all that. Does anyone know if ther is an airsoft supplier in or around galway? Im heading there for the weekend and thought it could be handy to drop into one if there is one, Im heading via limerick so around there would be grand as well.
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31-01-2008, 11:53   #1462
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I've recently had a few transactions with www.6mil.co.uk.
As one of the few Systema PTW stockists, I didn't really have a choice if I wanted something fast. However, their customer service and quick turn around was fantastic.

They stock some really good things as well (5.11, Blackhawk and Tactical Tailor equipment as an example) as well - definitely will be sending them more money
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02-02-2008, 01:04   #1463
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EbayBanned somehow have only seen fit to send my scope on the 29th, I found this out only through the tracking service, they never bothered to tell me it was being sent late. Over a month after I originally ordered it and after 3 weeks of emails asking where on Earth it was. It seems they didn't even know where it was. They did however promise me that it would be sent immediately in their last email. That was on the 24th. 5days isn't immediately.

If I had a choice, I'd never deal with them again. I've been messed around far too much and recieved too many different and vague explanations as to why I don't have my items. When I order 3 items at the same time I expect 3 items to turn up in one box on one day. Not to have to berrate people to post out each part thats missing individually.
Unfortunately they have a couple of items I need that I can't get anywhere else so I'm not going to get that choice. I'm genuinely not looking forward to the next transaction.
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03-02-2008, 20:38   #1464
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I ordered a jg g36c and a few other accessories for my G18 Gbb last sunday night and surprise surprise it all arrived on thursday perfect,still waiting for something from the uk a week later...Go figure ,definitely gonna use ehobby again,
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04-02-2008, 11:40   #1465
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Bidchart - Ebay

Purchased a couple of items through ebay from Bidchart. Delivery time is a bit slow, roughly 2 weeks from purchase date but all items arrived exactly when they said they would. Reasonably good communication from supplier also. Prices are excellent.
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04-02-2008, 14:01   #1466
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A&K M249 from Uncompany has arrived, legged it home to have a quick look at it over lunch, and it's a beauty. Uncompany are a fantastic retailer, ordered the week before last, took them a week to downgrade the gun and gather all of the random bits I ordered, posted it Friday, arrived at the house this morning. Now all I've got to do is last the afternoon in work and get home to do some firing/tinkering. Might post pics and a review up over the next while seeing as Tony is getting in some A&K models, although there's probably not a lot more that can be said on here that hasn't been said already elsewhere (i.e. Arnies etc.)
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04-02-2008, 22:54   #1467
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Just wondering if ehobbyasia were closed for the chinese new year because im expecting a reply back from them.Do they do downgrades?
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05-02-2008, 15:27   #1468
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Originally Posted by NakedDex View Post
Another day, another EbayBanned email, another tracking number, another package.

This time afters some verbal jocularity via email I managed to get another package out of them. The one that was sent only on the 18th. 3 weeks after I ordered.
Grand I thought when I got a call to say a package arrived for me. I got home from work thinking I can finally fit everything together and forget this nasty business.


They sent a $3 sling.

They have a very pissed of email sent to them at the moment.
Made an order with Paul there aboput two 2 weeks ago for something
Sent me the wrong thing, but i did want that one anyway
He letme keep the one i didn't order and is sending me the one i did now
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05-02-2008, 15:42   #1469
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Got my railed mp5k of Rsov today. Posted on the 29th arrived in Ireland on the 30th happy days i thought but no, those custom's ***** held on to it nearly a week and then charged me 26e including the "customs release fee" . How ever the hell they added that up i just don't know. Oh and most of the rails are actually plastic .
So 145e for the gun with 2 midcaps and an 8.4v stick battery. Quite the rip off in the end methinks
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05-02-2008, 16:05   #1470
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Army Tech Shop

Any one ever use Army Tech shop on ebay before, bought a fobus holster last week paid for it with paypal same day and no corresponce since not even receipt for payment is this the norm with him.
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