ok, I havent seen a dentist in well over 10 years.
Now in my mid 20s, I put this down to a fear of dentists I got when I had to had a tooth removed when I was younger.
However, In the past 5 or so years, I have always made sure to brush and floss and try and keep as best care as I can, but I realise this isnt enough.
My teeth arent in the best shape, but I can still form some sort of smile.
I have two back molars that have disentigrated, and I know I should have got them checked, but they never caused pain.

I've noticed a bad build up of plaque on the back of my front row, and now want to get this removed.
I remember reading somewhere that everyones entitled to a free teeth cleaning (or two) every year thro PRSI? Is this true? How do I go about it?

I guess I'm just willing to go back now, but am still unsure as I know theres probably so much work and the cost could be crazy, but I'm willing to get the basics seen to.

Any info is appreciated.