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29-06-2015, 22:12   #4426
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Hmm yeah I did empty them, because there was so much, way more than I'd usually get when expressing, so I thought I'd make hay while the sun shone!

I wonder is it because he had heat rash on Thursday so I fed him quite often, maybe it just took a few days to up the supply by which time I didn't need it? He's never done the cluster feeding thing (influenced by first 5 days in special care with formula etc I would say) so I've missed out on some aspects of how supply works so apologies if that should've been obvious to me!
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29-06-2015, 22:55   #4427
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I had leakage all the time regardless of how much I fed or expressed. I just wore a bra and breastpads in bed for a while.
If you stimulated a bigger supply by feeding loads and then tried to pump it off, the pumping just furthers the already increased supply.
Just feed /pump as often as you need and it'll settle down.
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29-06-2015, 23:53   #4428
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It's back to normal again now, hopefully no more leakage tonight! Thank God I never leak any noticeable amount anyway, very annoying!
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30-06-2015, 00:00   #4429
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Hi Spottybananas, as other posters said, if you emptied boobs when you expressed you sent your body the message that more milk is needed and your supply will increase. If you get uncomfortably full just express enough to ease discomfort. Baby's can feed more or less from day to day sometimes, as long as there's plenty of wet nappies that's all normal.
One boob bigger or fuller is normal too. Baby's often have a favourite side where they'll feed more increasing supply on that side. Just make sure you're alternating which side you're starting each feed with.
30-06-2015, 00:09   #4430
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Originally Posted by spottybananas View Post
I wonder is it because he had heat rash on Thursday so I fed him quite often, maybe it just took a few days to up the supply by which time I didn't need it
I'd say that's it exactly! Milk is produced on a supply and demand basis so supply of milk is based on demand - demand from baby drinking or from expressing.

Eta- if you're left with extra milk, you can just express a little for comfort and your body will see that there is extra milk not being used and reduce supply again until the next increase in demand!

The main thing that influences supply is how much milk is removed from the breast but it is also impacted a little by body heat, warm shower/bath, some foods eg porridge and stress.
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01-07-2015, 14:46   #4431
John Mason
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Originally Posted by lazygal View Post
Thanks, my problem is I have nothing to replace the boob with!He'll be two at the start of September and I really want to have him weaned by then. He has never taken a bottle and doesn't like cows milk so my only alternative is beakers of water.
Can you try Almond/Coconut milk?

I haven't given my wee man cows milk yet (not planning on giving it him at all tbh) but he loves his almond milk. It takes it in a sippy cup if I am not around at in the evening
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01-07-2015, 17:18   #4432
How Strange
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Maybe try getting a bottle with characters from his favourite show or something like that on it. I did this recently for my 2 and 4 year old when we were going on holiday and they were obsessed with drinking water
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01-07-2015, 20:17   #4433
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I'm not pushed about replacing milk with milk. I always hated the taste of milk so I'm conscious of not forcing cows milk. He loves water so I will probably go with a new cup when we start weaning.
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05-07-2015, 00:25   #4434
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Has anyone else suffered from woeful pms while breastfeeding? I've never really gotten it before so it took me a few cycles to cop what was happening but I've read that breastfeeding can make it worse? For the whole week before I get my period I'm getting brutal mood swings, irritability and anxiety. Not to mention cotton wool brain where I can hardly remember my own name. As soon as I get my period, it's like a release and I'm back to my normal not-so-moody self

It wouldn't be so bad if I could pinpoint when it will happen but my cycle is all over the place and ridiculously frequent at the moment
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05-07-2015, 07:53   #4435
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And I'm done, feeling sad and happy. I've been either pregnant and/or breastfeeding for the last 43 months, but who's counting ;0)

Not sure what my poor boobs are going to look like in a few weeks or of I'll suffer any blues, but very proud of myself.

When I decide to breastfeed my first I was the first in my entire extended family to do so, probably since the great grandmothers generation. It was quite the learning experience for everyone but by the time my second was born no one batted an eye at me feeding. I hope I've helped my sisters if they decide to breastfeed.
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05-07-2015, 15:49   #4436
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Back to trying to find my feet. My second son was born Thursday afternoon and my milk has just come....queue son feeding like crazy!

I was let leave hospital early as birth was straightforward and babs was doing well...I'm hoping all is well now when PHN visits tomorrow and he hasn't dropped too much weight.
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Yesterday, 11:25   #4437
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Oh, the post feeding blues, wow they suck! Not helped by the throat infection I woke up to today! Has anyone experienced this? Fed for 17 months and wasn't sick once, I wean and am sick within 4 days, maybe it's coincidental.

I do remember feeling a little blue when I weanedy first and getting sick, but I was 6 months pregnant so I probably put it down to that
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Yesterday, 20:23   #4438
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Oh I had awful blues... Awful! Hope it passes soon for you it makes sense when you think of it... Your hormone levels returning to pre baby levels. It only lasted a few days for me!
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Today, 00:45   #4439
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Post feeding blues? Nooo! That's rough

Could I just have a little virtual pat on the back? I don't really give myself much credit for getting this far as it just seems such a part of everyday life now but I'm well on my way to achieving my bf for 12 months goal. I never thought I'd get this far! At the start I thought 6 weeks would be great but I would like to get to 6 months. Then once I got to that point, I thought 12 months would be good. Well I'm gonna keep on going as my baby seems to love my milk so new goal is to get to 18-24 months, but I'm gonna really aim for the 2 years.

Every now and again I have to remind myself how amazing it is that my body has nourished my baby for so long and my baby is happy and healthy. Bf is amazing
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Today, 01:38   #4440
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Well done Tinkerbell! Long may it continue for you and your baby
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