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15-07-2014, 15:01   #406
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18-07-2014, 19:20   #407
Ten of Swords
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This is just priceless.

More comedy gold from the man with the obscured face can be found by googling "Sleepless in Austin"

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06-08-2014, 01:15   #408
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So I was trying to find a torrents site called kickasstorrents with my Mother's boyfriend. I accidentally typed in 'lickasstorrents' into Google.

My mum's boyfriend notices this and just says 'I'm sure that's typical of you gays' in his typical dry sense of humour

Incredibly funny and awkward at the same time
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10-08-2014, 13:13   #409
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Funny thread!
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11-08-2014, 00:50   #410
Dick Turnip
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Just remembered this from a few weeks ago. Myself, my brother and my mother were sitting out in the sun in my bro's high walled garden.

Mum - It's very windy out here. You'd think with the high walls that a puff wouldn't get in....
Bro (pointing at me) - and yet here he is!

Cue my mother trying to explain herself whilst myself and my brother just broke ourselves laughing.
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17-08-2014, 15:34   #411
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A few years ago I came out to my close friend, she was grand with it all and said "Sure I already knew" etc, but I was nervous about telling the group of friends I went about with, so my close friend offered to do it for me.
I said no, not to bother and I would do it on my own time.

One night she got pissed and to them all, "Yousins, you know the way failinis has a bent spine? Well, thats not the only thing bent about her!"

Keep in mind I have scoliosis in my spine, was pretty funny to me after I got over the shock of her telling everyone.
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26-08-2014, 17:51   #412
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23-10-2014, 18:40   #413
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Thought I'd revive this thread and it's a bit of a laugh and would be a pity for it to sneak into the history threads.

On a recent night out one of my best friends was having a fight with their boyfriend. I of course was there to wipe the tears, shoulder to cry on, saying all the right things to support her even though I didn't know even what she was saying. At the end she just goes "FFS why do you have to be gay?!! Why? If you were straight it would make things so much easier because then we'd be together and you'd listen to me" and then erupted into more tears.

Too funny at the time!
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03-12-2014, 11:17   #414
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I must admit, I laughed at this a lot more than I should have:

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16-12-2014, 16:01   #415
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How you know your parents have accepted your sexuality. Mother was re hanging pictures on the wall after cleaning them:

Mom: agh *sillymango* this picture of you is crooked, it just won't sit right..... Oh well there's nothing straight about you anyway!

Couldn't stop laughing
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20-12-2014, 07:31   #416
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I was leaving the bar tonight, saying goodbye to people I wouldn't see over Christmas as the pub was closing. A woman came up to me and asked me about the top I was wearing. We chatted briefly. Then she said, "So, the question everyone wants to ask... male... female?" I said "Female" and she looked delighted and hugged me. It is a nice top too.
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20-12-2014, 15:54   #417
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Dad: "Is there a button, or a switch or something?"
Me: "A button for what?"
Dad: "To make me, you know, a gay."
Me: "What are you on about?"
Dad: "Women are feckin' mental the lot of 'em."
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