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Called them last week to see if they were considering my offer, they don't do internships. So still looking
It's worth a try asking, just keep applying, they might possibly do them but aren't taking any at the moment, they sometimes say that to try stop people constantly calling, if theirs 50 people it's constant.

Im in my old office lately and they have 2 interns in, that's fair enough, sure that's how I got my start, but these two hadn't the slightest, there in for a month and the company know within the first few hours if they will be hired, I used to assess and train interns and contract/new staff, I could tell within 10 minutes if they knew their stuff by the questions they asked.

Basically if your going to apply for something make sure it's something you can be the best at, don't go completely over your head as it will be a waste of time unless your like a duck to water