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26-01-2015, 15:20   #4171
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Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post
Can I just say how much I absolutely adore breastfeeding. We haven't hit the 6 month mark yet but that was my original goal and I've now revised it to get to the 12 month mark. It really is the most amazing feeling in the whole world to feed your baby yourself and then mid-feed when your baby stops for a bit to look up and gaze at you and give you a big milky smile is just heart melting. It was so hard in the early days but I am a million percent so glad I stuck with it.

Pregnant with #3 and the thing i'm looking forward to most is b'feeding again. Aside of course from the obvious meeting and getting to know babs. And it's our last so i can b'feed forever if i want
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26-01-2015, 15:48   #4172
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Great to hear such success stories.
I loved breastfeeding and would do it again in a flash. Just stopped there over christmas at around 13 month mark. That said I bought new bras at the weekend - proper underwired ones that I haven't worn in about 2 years and I'm sooooo happy to be out if the nursing ones. I feel like I've got a waist back now that the girls have been lifted up!!
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26-01-2015, 18:52   #4173
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My baby is 5months today, love feeding him & would recommend it to anyone! Sure it takes a bit of getting use to at the start as with any skill but it's so rewarding. The mid feed smiles are certainly worth it. I think sometimes we only hear how hard it can be but it isn't always the case, it can become super easy Will feed until 8months & then see how we get on when I go back to work!
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26-01-2015, 22:41   #4174
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Actually, how do you ladies manage when you go back to work? I'll be going back when baby is around the 10 months - what are feeds like at that stage? Do you give a bottle of expressed for during the day or just water and then feed on demand when you're with baby? I might be able visit though at lunchtime and give a feed then myself.

Edit: and as crazy as it probably sounds ... I miss those nights during the early weeks when me and baby would be up feeding at night and it was as if we were the only two people in the world. Everything was so peaceful.

Oh and I would just like to say GOD BLESS LYING DOWN FEEDING!!!!!!! It's both me and baby's favourite way to feed. For those just in the early stages - get the hang of that and you are sorted, it makes such a difference.

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26-01-2015, 22:45   #4175
How Strange
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Water during the day and feed on demand when you're together. I did this with both of mine. I went back around the 6 month mark so we'd just started solids and they were totally fine. For the first couple of weeks I sent in a bottle of expressed milk and pumped in work but I just didn't have the time to continue pumping in work and I didn't want to introduce a bottle at 6 months when they would be fine with a sippy cup of water.
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27-01-2015, 10:41   #4176
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I kept up feeding when I went back to work. My second child wouldn't take a bottle so I feed him in the mornings and evenings (if I'm home before he's gone to bed). He doesn't like cows milk so he just gets water in the minder's house. I'm very lucky as my job allows me time for breastfeeding until my child is two, so I use the time to try to get home before bedtime as much as possible.
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27-01-2015, 23:35   #4177
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What's everyone's thoughts on expressing? I'd like to know how much baby is drinking, and find the whole experience of breast feeding to be sore on my nipples.
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28-01-2015, 00:05   #4178
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Do you mean only feeding baby with expressed milk? I think it's a great thing to do for your baby if you feel you can't breastfeed the usual way.

But there's a couple of downsides, mainly that it's really hard on you to have to express and then feed via bottle. You finally get baby back to sleep at 3 am but you can't go to sleep yourself cos you have to sterilise a bottle and express. Also a couple of other downsides.

If you're not sure how much baby is getting, all you need to know is that if baby is putting on weight and has regular wet and dirty nappies, he is getting enough.

Breastfeeding shouldn't be sore. If it is, it might mean latch needs to be adjusted or that baby needs to be checked for tongue tie.

Would you consider seeing a lactation consultant to check the latch? You won't know yourself if the latch can be made easier for you.
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28-01-2015, 03:27   #4179
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Originally Posted by hello4seasons! View Post
What's everyone's thoughts on expressing? I'd like to know how much baby is drinking, and find the whole experience of breast feeding to be sore on my nipples.
I started to express once a day when my baby was 8 weeks old so that I could give the odd bottle when I need to miss a feed the odd time. I find the hassle of it a real pain compared to feeding from the breast. I haven't been able to master feeding and pumping at the same time so in the morning after a feed I have to keep baby amused firstly. Then make sure everything is sterile. Pump for the session, store the milk and then wash everything. It probably take 30ish minutes in total.

Also just to say regarding amounts, the amount that you express will not be the amount that the baby drinks straight from the breast. The baby will be a lot more efficient than the pump.

If exclusive pumping was something you were planning to do you'd do well to hire a hospital grade pump or buy a good quality double pump. These would be expensive.

Marz66 has good advice regarding latch and seeking support. Can you talk to a Lactation Consultant or visit your local support group for help if you are in pain? As said before pain is an indication that something is wrong. I personally would exercise all avenues to avoid exclusive pumping. There are women out there who do it and I admire them but it wouldn't be for me.
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28-01-2015, 07:11   #4180
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My son turned 1 two weeks ago and our Breastfeeding journey ended at the weekend. As much as I love feeding, the all night buffets were taking their toll especially as I'm working full time. He is already sleeping much better. I'm still having to express as my left boob is getting quite sore and I'm trying to avoid mastitis! At least it means he's still getting boob milk but just not directly from source!

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for this thread. It was great to have somewhere to go to ask questions and just to read about other people's experiences. It really encouraged me to keep going at times. I hope all of you that are starting out have a very fulfilling and successful feeding relationship with your little one
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