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07-03-2012, 16:34   #16
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Specifically on the part time work question. The forms state that you are required to give your full attention to the job. In the case of French which is all I can comment on in detail, it would not be feasible to do something else. If you haven't corrected before you need to know a little more about the dynamics of the process to understand it.

1) Examiners go to the conference. You get plenty of eejits saying that all teachers should have to correct. This is nonsense. You will go through the draft marking scheme, have reasonable opportunities to comment and raise questions and mark sample scripts. When you mark the sample scripts you will realise the tough calls between full, partial and no marks when the draft scheme transfers into what kids these days actually write. It can be an eye opener into our literacy problem but I digress! You have to be physically in that room to know what the standard is.

2) After you mark your sample 20 over the first couple of days, you will send some of these to your advising examiner and await news from the follow-up conference. You will have a day or two off at this point. Then they will phone you. They will expect you to immediately note down changes on your draft marking scheme and apply these urgently to the scripts you have held onto. The advising examiner will apply the changes to some of the scripts you sent away. They don't have time to wait hours for you. If you're at the shops or out for a walk, they'll gladly give you a half an hour or so to get home.

3) Throughout the marking issues will arise. They become much less frequent as it beds down. However, you are expected to be available during normal working hours every day.

Sorry if this comes across as a little stern. It's just that you're signing up to a job that has clear conditions attached. If they don't suit, do something else. The state exams are very important to all our students and they legitimately expect that they will be just as important to you the examiner.
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Cheers for that information. I decided yesterday to give up my other (very) part time job at this time as I need the experience of marking. So no worries.
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I agree with everything Linguist said. I would be practically impossible to hold a part time job and correct at the same time. I correct science and it is an intense time. The work is not difficult but you are under pressure to get the papers and investigations corrected as fast as possible and hope there are no re-corrections to be done! There is also a lot of time needed to go to the post office and post your samples every couple of days and for form filling especially when you get your scripts (approx 3 hours going through to see what you have, what is missing etc) and filling in the scores for the first 20 samples
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Quick question for regular exam corrector's.... I corrected CSPE last year, got a letter this year asking me if I wished to be reappointed which I filled out accepting the reappointment and sent it back to them. Haven't heard from them since to confirm if they received it or not. Is this standard or should I give them a call to make sure they got it?
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might be wrong but am thinking that there is a lot of practical stuff going on at the moment, not to mention the upcoming orals so i'd imagine it'll be after that before they round to the summer stuff!!
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If you accepted then you will not get a letter till May which will inform you of conference dates. You will not receive any other correspondence in the meantime
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