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Originally Posted by hedkandigirl View Post
Guys I've still heard nothing from the clinic in question.... which we can't name. All I read daily around various websites from different counteries is ruptures and gel bleeds so I'm starting to think there's no one person that doesn't have one or the other. Has anyone heard anything yet? Has anyone decided to go the legal route? Any of your girls that did pay yourself can you give any information on what you were told at the time of your consultation?
Ive been calling the company and emailing and still heard nothing! Ladies im going the legal route and my solicitor mentioned today that the company that we are waiting on may be going under?and leaving ireland? I am hoping this is not true, god knows we have been through enough. has anyone else heard this im panicking where would we stand????they MUST FIX US.
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Originally Posted by Fluorescence View Post
Evening ladies, hope you're all doing well.

As you know, we've gotten orders from higher up to say all legal advice and naming of clinics/doctors etc is not allowed on this forum as it puts Boards.ie in a tricky position. However, we recognise that this thread has been a wonderful source of support and information as well as an outlet for you all to complain about this disgraceful situation. With the limitations we've put in place, we're not entirely sure that this thread serves its purpose any more.

We mods have had a lengthy debate about it, and have decided that in 1 week's time (Monday 2nd July) we will close this thread and it will be time for ye to move on to a new community. You have the option of making your own forum, or a facebook page, or something similar, if you wish to continue to provide support to each other. There are many free forum hosters, such as Invisionfree, ZetaBoards, or Forumotion.

We're sorry that it has to come to this, but we hope you can understand. Feel free to ask any questions relating to this decision, and we'll do our best to answer.

With best wishes for everything in the future from the mod team in tLL,

Fluorescence, Ickle Magoo, Maple, rainbow kirby, whoopsadaisydoodles and Wibbs
Bye bye pippettes and best of luck xxx
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And on that note

Take care & best of luck with everything ladies.

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