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07-02-2012, 15:45   #1
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Speech development in 2 and half year old

Hi all. My eldest is 2 years and 7 months he is very active and quiet good most of the time my problem is his speech he has words and talks babble most of the time I.E. he will come up to me and talk a lot of babble I have brought him a speech therapist twice the first time she done nothing the second time she was asking Hume to point out different thinks which he got all of these right but after 10 minutes he got bored and wouldnt do any more so we have to go back my question is does anybody know what might be wrong or should I go somewhere else with him
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07-02-2012, 16:35   #2
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My younger daughter is exactly the same. My first girl was talking in full sentences & counting to 10 on her 2nd bday, but the younger one (at 2 yrs 5 months) still mainly babbles & has pretty poor pronounciation of the hard sounds. She can pick out written letters & numbers (and say them!) but hasn't decided to speak in full words/sentences yet.

You know your child best, but I am not at all worried about my second child. She'll talk when she's good & ready and I don't see a point trying to force something. Since your child clearly understands everything I would be hesitant to think that anything's *wrong*...loads of kids start talking around age 3 (and when they do it's in full sentences from day 1!).
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My child was the very same. He just had a few words but mostly gibberish at that age. He's 3 and 7 months now and just started using full sentences since December. We brought him to specialists etc but not much help. He is shy around strangers and won't talk to them, even his teachers. Sometimes he does. Lately he turned a corner and won't shut up basically but that's life huh.

He understood everything we were saying most of the time and he could point out what we said or what he wanted. Fine communicating with hand signals etc and played with other kids, learned things quickly. It was just the talking. I wouldn't be overly concerned OP as a lot of kids go through it. They talk at their own pace just like they all develop other skills at their own pace.
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07-02-2012, 22:13   #4
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thanks for the replys i was getting a bit worried as i said he is very good at following orders so hopefully he will start soon
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24-02-2012, 09:24   #5
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My little fella is 2 and 4 months and only in the past month has he started saying more things. I'm not overly worried now because he knows everything we are saying to him, all his colours and can count to 13. I had myself worried sick by googling things
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24-02-2012, 11:14   #6
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My lad is 2 and 1 month and is only now just coming out with the odd word.. up til now he used his own version of sign language to get his point across.. if he wanted a drink he'd bring me the bottle of robinsons .. hungry he'd get the bread.. as long as he is making some effort to speak.. like babbling.. i wouldn't be overly concerned.. you'd probably be surprised at how many words he actually has in the babbling professionals have a knack of making us feel like bad parents especially PHN's
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