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04-07-2013, 11:18   #106
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Hope someone can help. My son is severely hard of hearing in both ears, has lots of appointments, severe speech problem, balance issues. He is three

My application for the Dca has been refused and I need to appeal. I did write out his daily routine and they hae said that while his disability is not in doubt they do not believe he needs are beyond that of another child his age.

Can anyone who has been sucessful maybe give me some pointers?

Im paying for lots of stuff, therapy ect for him and its killing us. Now I have been told we need technology in our house to help him hear at home. So we really need the DCA

All help appreciated
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04-07-2013, 14:23   #107
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Hi Pix,

Just keep appealing. I applied for my son who has ADHD back last September and kept getting refused. We had an oral hearing with an officer from the appeals office on Tuesday and he awarded the DCA to us.

I think it's hard to explain all the things you need to do in writing but found it very easy to get across what we need to do at the appeal.

IMO they are refusing everyone to see who will give up and who will keep going with it.

Keep appealing and request an oral hearing - best of luck

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16-07-2013, 10:14   #108
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for anyone that has DC allowance there is a cock up in the payments today and as such all payments will be made tomorrow.
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22-07-2013, 15:28   #109
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:eek:hi there im new on this and hope someone has some advice for me im a single parent to a 4 year old in the early intervention services they havent really diagnosed him with anything only delays in all areas and gave me a letter stating he need extra care more than a child of his age ,with this i applied for dca along with any reports i had and a full diary of all he extra care and attention i applied at the start of june but have not heard anything yet can someone advise me on how long i have to wait for a decision ,money is very tight and i have no support from family every day is a struggle emotonally with my son my doc told me based on his reports it looks like dyspraxia ,i love him to bits and only want te best for him but this waiting is driving me crazy ( thank in advance for any advice xx
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18-10-2013, 13:34   #110
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Am in a similar situation with my 3yr old did you get domiciliary allowance as in afraid ill be rejected.
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21-11-2014, 11:46   #111
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Hi all,

I am a parent with a child with ASD and ADHD. I was looking for a current thread and found this one. Does anyone know what the waiting period is currently for DCA and CA? haven't got report yet from Psychologist so just tryng to stay one step ahead. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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30-11-2014, 13:02   #112
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Hi Diog1, the wait is about 10-12 weeks for dca, it's now recommended that you send ca form at the same time as dca form with a note to say you have applied for dca and leaving the medical part blank. Then if you get dca you get carers backdated to when it was received.
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01-12-2014, 16:03   #113
smelly sock
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Are you hopeful of being granted the DCA?

They use to be a nightmare to deal with but things may have changed since then.
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25-01-2015, 12:03   #114
cry boy cry
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Get all assessments/reports done for all allowances.

May cost a lot to get done but gets rid of the hassle when applying for the allowances. The assessments/ reports can be submitted for tax back using the MED 1 form.

DCA claim should have be no issues once you have the correct wording on the application and reports to back it up also The cut off for DCA is age 16.

Another allowance that you may qualify for is a tax credit worth 3330 which can be back dated 4 years ( up to €3330 x 4 or depend on how much tax you have paid)
Search for incapacitated child tax credit

The wording has to be correct when applying for this..It states "This is not an exhaustive list."

* For those people who do not believe ADHD exits need to live with it first before judging...

Keep applying for all allowances as the help with the monthly cost of medicine (to keep kids in schooling system) and ongoing assessments of €350 - €500 per time.

Chances are at some point one parent will need to cut back or give up work due to the care needed for a child with ADHD.

You may qualify for a GP ONLY card or even a full medical card (won't know unless you apply)

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29-01-2015, 00:46   #115
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I'm a Mom to a newly diagnosed 2.5 year old with Autism.
I actually feel completely overwhelmed by this news. What do I do now?
Is there any specific things that have worked for any of you when doing your own intervention at home with a kid this age?
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26-09-2015, 00:01   #116
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Originally Posted by Busybee4 View Post
Hi all! Just applied for dca for son (5) with autism, am in receipt of it for daughter (6) with epilepsy since june 2012, and carers since jan 2013 (took 53 weeks for that!) just wondering how waiting times are this year?
From reading through posts re. Autism it seems most are refused unfortunately, would love a medical assessor to spend 12 hours in my house!!
Is it possible you could pm me about this. My daughter has recently be diagnosed with epilepsy and would love some advice
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