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04-10-2015, 08:22   #4591
How Strange
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I think the formula companies sponsor a lot of training for hcps where they imply that breastfed babies don't get the same amount of iron as babies who are out on follow on milk which has enough iron to knock an elephant over. That follow on stuff and the ridiculous TV ads drive me crazy. Just ask my husband!

Surely babies ingesting that much iron just poo it out. We can only absorb a certain amount of iron and we get rid of the rest.

By 6 months a baby can pretty much eat anything so even sucking on a piece of red meat and spitting out the meat itself will give enough iron. You can make things like spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs etc to encourage them to eat iron rich foods. Give them steamed broccoli florets to suck on. At 6 months they only need a small amount of food so think about quality over quantity.
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04-10-2015, 11:42   #4592
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We don't eat red meat aside from the odd bit of mince or meatballs that I buy especially to give the kids but we do eat loads of chicken and iron rich veg and grains. We did buy into the formula company mass hysteria with our first and gave him the follow on milk after 6 months but I wasn't even entirely happy about that because it tasted ridiculously sugary. I just assumed this time around that breastmilk would have all the nutrients a baby would need. Ugh I have the 7 month check up this week and I'm dreading trying to explain the breastfeeding/baby led weaning
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04-10-2015, 12:14   #4593
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Just let the 7-month visit go straight over your head mrspostman. My PHN was a right idiot - she scoffed at BLW and said I needed to purée meat. She also claimed she had done a lactation course and tried to convince me that I needed to offer solids first, then breastmilk. I told her that was incorrect advice and it was breast first, then solids otherwise it encourages early weaning off the breast (I confirmed this with an actual qualified lactation consultant). Then she started to get a bit thick with me. She also ran a breastfeeding morning every week - I feel sorry for the poor mothers who were subjected to her crappy advice.
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04-10-2015, 15:32   #4594
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I've yet to hear first hand of any PHN giving actual proper accurate advice. I've heard all the rubbish about iron and how people start giving up bf at six months and to start on baby rice at four months if they're not sleeping through the night. If and when we have a third I will more than likely tell them to sod off and leave them out altogether.

Tell her you've heard about two children who did BLW and are hale and hearty, one of whom is still bf at over two years of age. Or tell her she needs to upskill given the WHO recommended ways to feed babies and infants.
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05-10-2015, 21:58   #4595
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After hearing lots of stories of unhelpful PHN's, I feel very lucky as the 2 PHN's in my area are very supportive and knowledgeble. This might be because they breastfed their own children rather than any HSE training they had.
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05-10-2015, 22:21   #4596
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The Phn I had on my first was amazing: encouraged co sleeping safely (sure how else would you feed all night long!), told me to stop looking at the scales look at the baby, told me every growth spurt would pass, told me about baby carriers (now she tells everyone about slings ) even when there was a major issue from the hospital about her weight (thanks to her weight having been changed from 3.6 to 3.9kg born) didn't care... I did! I wish i had been more relaxed.

Had a different one this time round: not that she's not nice but I far prefer that PHN. She's just fab.
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Yesterday, 20:27   #4597
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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice, my son is nearly 6 months old and within the last 3 weeks I've weaned him onto bottles. It was a hard decision for me but I was happy that I lasted way longer then the initial time frame that I had given myself. The last week or so I've been suffering night sweats and my period has stopped, it had returned for two cycles previous to me stopping breastfeeding. Would this be because my hormones are settling back down? I'm still lactating slightly. Thanks in advice for any advice.
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