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07-03-2015, 13:37   #916
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Hi I am a 6th year student hoping to attend UCC.

I am looking at Deans Hall and Castlewhite for accommodation. I want somewhere decent that is near to the town/university as I don't know Cork City well.

Is Deans Hall a nice place for first years in general?
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09-03-2015, 21:33   #917
Straight Up Funk
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I'm a soon-to-be second year student who is quite serious about my college course. Unfortunately, this year, I had to live with individuals who don't share the same desire to do well. Is there any accommodation available that would be quiet and which would be known for housing "serious students"?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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10-03-2015, 11:05   #918
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I'm living in dean's hall now. It's moderately expensive. Dean's hall is a central location right next to the city center. You won't have to pay for taxi's on nights out. It's just under a ten minute walk from main campus. The rooms are fairly nice. Very big desks and the couches are comfy enough. Flood waters reached close enough to dean's hall in the last couple of years, but no rooms where flooded. Most people in dean's hall are first years

Castlewhite is more expensive, but is right next to main campus and is only a couple of minutes from the Western gateway building. The rooms aren't as nice with less comfortable furniture. I think castlewhite has a more balanced mix of years. Flooding is a distinct risk.

Which is more convenient for college depends on what course you want to do, (which buildings you'll be going to). Regardless of college, dean's hall is more convenient for night's out/ shopping while castlewhite is more convenient for going to the mardyke and main campus

Straight Up Funk:

Know exactly what you mean Send Lancaster hall off washington street an email, explaining that you want to live with mature and quiet people, and ask whether or not it would suit you. They normally only take 3rd/4th years and postgrads, but if you ask, they'll probably accommodate you. They seem reasonable enough. If you want to live with other second years, then copley court might be worth trying, but keep in mind location when you book a place. Arcadia hall is probably quiet enough, but I can't be sure.

Lancaster is quite nice. I'm thinking of living there myself next year It's not too expensive if you go for the cheaper rooms. Copley is the cheapest of the lot, but the quality of the apartments isn't great. It's a quiet enough place even with the mix of years there.

Again, the best accommodation for you to book depends partially on which course you are doing.

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12-03-2015, 10:37   #919
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Hi guys!
My name is Lara, I'm from Brazil and I'll be in a exchange program in Cork next year. I'm looking for some place to stay and I found Victoria Mills. Is it a nice place to live? Do we have privacy? What about the structure? Are there more exchange students?

Thank you very much for your help.
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14-03-2015, 18:43   #920
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Hi all,

Hoping to go to UCC in September and was just looking for the best accommodation.
Ideally, I'd be looking for the place that has;

Sound room mates,
Good craic (few parties etc),
En-suite (preferred but not essential),
Close to campus,
Decent living environment (nice-ish actual rooms and apartments).

Castlewhite seems like a very good bet, but what's the story with the flooding? Is that an ongoing issue? And how many toilets do they have per apartment between all the residences? And some older posts say that people always ring on the doorbell, does that still happen?

Victoria Mills seems like another good option, but a bit pricey and the place looks very sterile and kind of hospital-y I guess.

Brookfield seems like the other option but I'm having trouble finding out what it's like?

Would very much appreciate replies from anyone who's lived in Castlewhite, Vic Mills or Brookfield! Sound folks
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