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07-10-2014, 18:16   #1471
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Hi guys, I'm a qualified English teacher but was doing a masters until now so couldn't travel until this week. Does anyone know is it possible to get a teaching job in the UAE in January or even before then? Any info would be helpful!
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15-10-2014, 20:11   #1472
Ahhhhh its grand
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Hi guys and gals,

Just have a quick query. Did you just send in a general application or is there a specific job you have to apply for? If its just a general application a link would be greatly appreciated. I can only seem to find jobs for specific subjects/locations.

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17-10-2014, 18:04   #1473
Andrew Purfield
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Well lads

I am in Austria atm working as a language assistant

Interested in going to the Emirates, Saudi Arabia or any of the more stable French speaking Arab countries like Morocco or Tunisia as I speak French. Lebanon would be ideal as I've always wanted to go there but I think that's starting to get dodgy again going on the DFA's website...

Any chance you can teach with just a degree? I will probably do an online TEFL cert soon but not sure how valid that is? Some posters above seem to have been let in with minimal qualifications and minimal experience?

Few more things:

-Only FB page I could find for Sabis was their Lebanon one-I thought someone said they have an office in Dublin/a presence in Dublin.-the interviews are bout March right?

Their website has feck all vacancies???-like 5 jobs, none in the aforementioned countries and 1 teaching post in Pakistan I would not apply for lol.

-what are the wages like? And generally the working conditions with Sabis?-much authority?? I realise people living out there now might not be able to comment too much, but maybe some previous workers there would like to share their experiences(I read back 4 pages on this thread and found veyr little in the way of past experiences and country specific advice).

-I had Arab friends when in France and have been to few mosques before with my friends over there so have no problem fitting in and avoiding alcohol for 1-2 years while living there. I think I could manage as often went a few weeks or even a month without drinking at all at home.

-Do they really confiscate your passport-that'd put me off going anywhere!

Any other advice welcome.

Thank you thank you
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17-10-2014, 18:22   #1474
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They take your passport for a while after you get there. It's because you need to get a visa and for some reason Irish people only qualify for a 2 month one when you get there.

The wages are good, and you don't have to pay for anything other than food/social life. Also it's of course tax free. A degree is more than enough to work in Sabis.

The conditions vary depending on where you go. I can't really say anymore sorry! But if you're a teacher you'll most likely enjoy it.
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