One to be avoided at all costs. The director, Rodrigo Cortes, has a severe case of 2nd album syndrome. Good cast but they're either phoning it in - Sigourney Weaver, or hamming it up - De Niro, Cillian Murphy. Joely Richardson was in it not doing much, well no acting that I could see.

Plot, was there one I'm not sure? There was something preachy that looked like it was written on the back of a cigarette packet with one dimensional characters, and no story to speak of. Suspense - once again very little. Someone tell the director that throwing in a nightmare scene was done brilliantly in Jacobs Ladder over 20 years ago. It didn't add anything to this film, neither did the by the numbers attempts to create suspense by playing eerie music with the lights down.

The direction was too heavy handed especially in the last 3rd of the film; and don't get me started on the "revelation" at the end.

Save yourself the time and money and go watch paint dry instead. You'll feel better for it.