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07-05-2012, 18:35   #4606
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Adam anto
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Hmmmm... no Dead Man's Shoes references yet?

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12-05-2012, 21:41   #4617
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Here's the 4Chan version of our riot guy...

More here
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I gotta say that all the entries so far have surpassed themselves! Amazing.

Anyways - my entry -

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The "Instability Treaty" Photoshop Competition 13/05/2012

Congrats & Thanks to last weeks photoshoppers. No second place for Boxfresh. But he did get First and Third, so I suppose that's okay too.

First Place: Boxfresh, with 108 thanks.

Second Place: tenandtracer, with 79 thanks

Third Place: Boxfresh, with 70 thanks.

Thanks to all who entered as always.

This week.... THERE IS NO PIC! No, this isn't some Disney Photoshop Competition where it's discovered at the end that you had the picture all along... in your heart. No, the top suggestion this week was to make your own Stability Treaty Poster. So, go for it!

Usual rules apply.

1. No pornographic images.

2. No real-life displays of violence (faux-violence is fine)

3. Nothing libelous.

4. Nothing dirty. What sexy photoshops you choose to make in your own time is your business, but PG it for the thread please

5. The winner will be chosen by thanked posts.

6. You may enter as often as you like.

Here's a site to host images on:

Try to keep it to a relatively good size. Don't go breaking the page.

Suggestions for pics go HERE
Doesn't have to be anything recent or current, just any types of pictures we might get a bit of comedy mileage out of. Please suggest more pics. Even if you're not entering the comp, your suggestion could lead to some great photoshops. And from now on, it'll be based purely on votes each pic receives. So make sure to vote for the pic you want. The aim will be to start every Photoshop Comp on Sundays before 1pm (or as close to that as possible)

GO GO GADGET-suggestmorepicsforthe-PHOTOSHOP!
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