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26-02-2012, 16:18   #376
feck sake lads
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sorry to hear that you just can't be to careful.
you should post a photo of the bike and maybe photo from where it was stolen.
hope you get it back
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26-02-2012, 16:23   #377
Mycroft H
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Guards/Bike shops have you told them? How was it locked?
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28-02-2012, 14:39   #378
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Stolen navy blue Peugeot road bike

My bike was stolen from the bike stand outside AIB Westmoreland Street, Dublin at some stage between Saturday 25th Feb at 21:00 and Monday 16:00. A blue Oxford U-lock was used. Here is a highly sophisticated photo-fit of the bike in question. Please note the rasta handle-bar tape.
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29-02-2012, 12:04   #379
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My bike was stolen on Firday night 25th February

Originally Posted by Ddinneny View Post
It is a black and red Specialised Secteur
It was stolen from Dublin 11
It had shimano 105 groupsets and brakes specialized pro lite carbon forks.
Has any one seen or been offered this bike.
attached are pictures of the bike & forks, there is red tape on my bike not black & a differed saddle to the one in the photo
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Bike Photo.JPG (115.3 KB, 178 views)
File Type: jpg Pro-Lite Fork.JPG (16.1 KB, 93 views)
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03-03-2012, 23:45   #380
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Giant rapid 3 stolen last night from tramyard apts inchicore.

Same as this plus mud guards, rear carrier and front basket.

Bike was locked to floor rack with 2 locks (1 abus) and another old abandoned bike.Thief unbolted rack from concrete and made off with rack, old bike and my Giant.

Anyone see or hear of sale offers please forward

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05-03-2012, 00:17   #381
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2 Kona bikes stolen Friday night in Rosedale Apts Inchicore. Just round the corner from the Tramyards, Owen, and they were stolen the same way (stands unbolted/bolts drilled from the floor) so maybe the same people?

1st bike was my girlfriend's a bright green Kona Dr Dew like this one:

There were some non-standard parts namely saddle, stem and mudguards.

2nd bike (mine) a Kona Kula mountain bike 2009 model like this:

Non-standard grips on this one...

Both were locked with a Krytonite New York and the Kula also had an Abus Granit on the front. That's over €200 worth of locks never mind the bikes. All counts for naught if the builders don't install the stands properly so they can't be detached from the floor

It's been reported to Kilmainham Garda already and hopefully CCTV will shed some light for them. They do follow it up as they recently tracked down a couple of guys who stole a saddle from a bike in the same location. Maybe Tramyards CCTV might help too?
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05-03-2012, 10:43   #382
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anyone reckon they are stolen to order when they go through the effort of smashing quite strong and expensive locks ?
Just got my MTB a few weeks ago and had hoped to use it for commuting as well but are not really happy leaving it out of sight anywhere, got it through the bike2work scheme and would just hate to be paing for something that I didn't own anymore -
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05-03-2012, 11:11   #383
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I can understand the reluctance... both of the bikes above were bought on the Cycle-to-work scheme at Christmas so will be paying for them until the end of the year.
I don't know if they would have been stolen to order or not but the thieves seem to me to have been a bit more organised than your average passerby. They had to get into a locked car park for a start, presumably with a van, and they obviously had some tools with them. Maybe they had scoped the place out before and knew there were some decent bikes there. In this case the main problem was that the stands weren't up to scratch not that the locks were forced. Bikes, locks, stands the lot were just missing the next day....
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06-03-2012, 09:57   #384
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Ridgeback Velocity 2005 model also stolen from Rosedale


My bicycle was also stolen from the underground carpark in Rosedale Apartments last Friday 2nd March.
Thieves were very well organized, as above had a kryptonite lock, but useless against the bike stand itself being just unscrewed/leveraged from the ground.
Picture of it new below, mine has mudguards and a back carrier though.

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06-03-2012, 22:27   #385
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smileypeter, streacy, sorry to hear that I would say definitely then the same gang who did Tramyard also paid Rosedale a visit last Friday (2nd March). There was no evidence of cutting or dragging so looks like the whole lot went straight into the back of a van.

I reported it in Kilmainham Saturday so will follow up during week for cctv. Will PM if hear anything.

At least the locks were solid. Shame as much couldnt be said for the darned bike rack/post.
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09-03-2012, 19:10   #386
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My bike taken outside Xtravision Swords at 6.30 thus evening. Blue frame with Pinerallo stickers, aksium wheels, race blades. Reported to Swords Garda station.

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10-03-2012, 21:09   #387
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Hi, posting this for a friend. I think it happened today. They were in the Ilac/Dominick St. area. Not sure what time of day it was. It was a Cube racer, same as this one:

It's especially sickening since they were supposed to be using to cycle across the UK this monday for charity. Thanks folks.
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11-03-2012, 18:57   #388
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Giant Expression DX Ladies Stolen

Hi, Have any of ye got your bike back? My Giant Expression DX (xs, with black basket on front) was stolen last night from Malahide. I had it locked to the railing across from Siam Thai / Starbucks next to the phone boot. Only my bike was stolen. It was stolen between 10pm and 1am, the lock cut clean off. Devastated. Please keep an eye out and contact me if you see it around.

Thanks Olga.

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15-03-2012, 00:00   #389
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My everyday bike was stolen last night.
Old Trek Hybrid, dark blue. Only what was left was front wheel.

Funny thing is that few days ago rear hub broke down and I couldn't pedal. Thief had to push the bike all the way to his hideout. Gards where involved.

East wall btw
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17-03-2012, 21:29   #390
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Seems to have been a spate of bikes taken from D8 in last few weeks.

Add mine to list . Only managed to find exact date some time later from CCTV...

Date 5/3/2012. Time 4.45am. Place: Kilmainham.

Bike; Blue Trek 7.1 (?) . XL ,25inch frame.

1 pannier and distintive bang mark on crossbar.

Have footage of the gurrier on 3 seperate cctv angles but no face shot..

Any inspiration let me know?

PS this thread is extraordinary..Is Dublin the bike crime capital of the world? Talk about impunity of these criminals?

How hard would it be to set up several stings of nice bikes locked in public with good camera seems that bike crime is so pervasive that the guards would have a list of bike thieves in one night.

fast track / process / kangeroo court these criminals?!!

And apologies to all right-minded civil libertarians.
Getting tired of soft touch policing and society's general
acceptance of criminal behaviour in Ireland. I can't post how i would treat these f*&kers...!

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