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05-03-2012, 20:17   #31
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I wear suits for work so generally buy 2 new ones every 6-9 months or so.

Mostly I get them from Best and in general i dont find them all that good. I bought 3 CK suits in NY a few years back and I still have them and they look great. Just a shame i didnt buy another pair of trousers.
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07-03-2012, 21:46   #32
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I find the guys in Abrahams off Dawson street are helpful and offer good advice. Expensive suits though, but good value when the sale is on.

I'm not sure about the Italian versus German suit thing, in general Irish men seem to wear shapeless German suits that look like something that is designed to survive winter in the Stalingrad pocket. A good Italian suit that has curves looks great on a guy that isn't carrying much weight. I hate English cuts, you might as well be wearing a rectangular box.
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10-03-2012, 22:18   #33
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I'm female, but live in suits and have the following advice:

If the jacket fits well, and the trousers don't buy the suit

You can add false hems to short trousers, but need to check the lenght of the hem fits before you add a short hem

Always buy a second pair of trousers, they get far more wear and tear then jackets.

If you are a daily suit wearer try to have 4-5 that you can rotate, and dry clean them once a month.

Finally in terms of suits not fitting well, the OH bought a suit from Paul Costello last weekend (in his outlet in Banbridge before you all think we are loaded ) and discovered something we never knew. Most good quality mens suits have a huge seam in the crotch, from back to front, of up to 2 inches so they can be let out if you get that "have a look at my lunchbox" effect, while the trousers look great elsewhere.

So if you are buying a suit, check the back under the waistband and see if there is spare fabric there for letting it out

Helps with trying to match jackets with trousers !
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12-03-2012, 21:50   #34
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I'm also female and I find myself going through a blazer phase but giving that I am a fat chick with rugby shoulders, finding a blazer/suit jacket to fit is a quest in futility. I've yet to venture into Marks and Spencers but knowing my luck, it'll most likely be a swift visit to the Menswear department followed by a self-hating pastry in the cafe. :/
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13-03-2012, 11:49   #35
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Originally Posted by McChubbin View Post
I'm also female and I find myself going through a blazer phase but giving that I am a fat chick with rugby shoulders, finding a blazer/suit jacket to fit is a quest in futility. I've yet to venture into Marks and Spencers but knowing my luck, it'll most likely be a swift visit to the Menswear department followed by a self-hating pastry in the cafe. :/
I did a bit of that myself as well (or the male equivalent i.e. a pint of pasties) until I found a decent tailor.

bottom line: I make clothes fit me not the other way around.
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14-03-2012, 05:50   #36
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I went Suit shopping in galway two weeks ago before shipping out.

I went to marks and sparks but wasnt impressed. Fine for shirts but I didnt like the suits.

I bought in a small shop near the markt in galway that had a sale. Got three suits I liked and saved a bit.
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15-03-2012, 23:19   #37
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Honest to God, Tesco suits aren't that bad if you can get a style you want there.
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17-03-2012, 13:25   #38
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I got my suits custom tailored here...
I have to say, I could not fault the quality or the 2 cents !
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17-03-2012, 21:04   #39
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I'm 52R Jacket 42-30 trouser, impossible to get a value for money suit.
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20-03-2012, 13:28   #40
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Picked up a nice Italian cut suit the other day in Limerick, €300 fits almost perfect, shop is doing the alterations for me inhouse.

Can't beat that, if you buy in a proper suit shop instead of generic places like m&s or next then you get a better fit and a better quality of suit. You do however wind up paying a bit more, but well worth it in my opinion.
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23-03-2012, 02:02   #41
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Havent been but I was told by someone that in M&S you can mix and match the jackets and the trousers.
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28-03-2012, 13:59   #42
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I went suit shopping recently. Best and Diffneys had some good offers on. Get sexalicious Grey slim fit, one button remus uno with fold up black pocket detail for €265
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28-03-2012, 14:41   #43
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Originally Posted by ladhrann View Post
I would advise in Cork they stock Magee which are the best of the Ready-to-Wear market in Ireland. See if you can get an extra pair of trousers, this will dramatically increase the life of the suit.

I would not agree with the poster who told you to go for a wool mix. The small increase in durability is not worth the loss of comfort, shape and breathability.

Polyester will wear hot, and would be unbearable all day everyday in a hotel. The only way to get good wear out of suits is to have a few, wear them in rotation and to not dry-clean them too often. Polyester mixes will also retain a lot of odour compared to wool including bar smells, smoke, body odour etc.

In the long-term if you're prepared to go for a very good suit, you can get a two-piece bespoke suit from Moynihans made in Cork city, from about E850.
+1 on Magee.

I was very put off by their image, but tried one on one day without realising I was in the Magee section of Arnott's and now I will only wear Magee suits. They do made to measure also; I was quoted 500-800 which is excellent value.

Worst suit I ever got was from Boss. Flimsy material and lost its shape completely after a few weeks. It was pricy too.
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30-03-2012, 14:13   #44
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Another +1 on Magee. have two from them now and they are really well made.
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30-03-2012, 15:25   #45
Dr Galen
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A distinct lack of waistcoats being mentioned in this thread!

Hot weather and still needing to look classy, can be an option for some. Maybe not for everyday wear, and a lot depends on the person too.
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