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Soccer coverage on RTE.

I've just been watching the UEFA league game between Basel and Bayern and i cant help wondering does anybody else think that the coverage is overdone. First of all you have three has been soccer players chaired by an has been newsreader discuss the game and afterwards analyse it to death and they send a commentator and another has been soccer player to the actual game. I for one am fed up of those freeloaders and the cavalier attitude of RTE to licence payers money. After all I am only interested in the game and I can analyse things for myself. Apart from those among you with mothers, fathers, sons, daughters or favourite aunts/uncles what do the rest of you think?
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I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure post-match analysis isn't unique to RTE.

Its cheaper to have the lads in the studio chatting for 30 minutes pre and post game than to buy in or produce 1 hrs worth of programming, plus it gets ratings so some people enjoy watching them
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This isn't what the Media Coverage forum is about, why not try the Soccer forum?
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