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17-02-2012, 23:15   #1
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How to calculate Captital Gains, USC & Prsi due on sale of Shares

Hi , Looking for some help with how to calculate tax & dutys payable on shares sold this week & when / How to pay.
  • Shares purchased through company sharesave scheme
  • held for required period of 3 years so free of income tax (I think )
  • Example
    • 1000 shares purchased
    • purchased for €10 a share sold for € 15 per share
    • shares transfered to joint names with my wife before sale
    • comission etc paid on sale of €250
I think capital gains @30 % due on gain = € 5000 - joint allowance € 2540 = 30% of 2460 due before 30th Sept this year

USC & PRSI ?? thinking 11% in total of gain ?? not sure when due ??

Would appreciate any help.
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