Scope Mounted Gun Light

These Gun Lights have the same specification LED emitter and reflector as the XLR 250 kill light & Sniper Hawg Destroyer light, with a lower profile head and more ergonomic tail cap.

This single mode, fixed focus, high powered LED light has an effective range of approximately 150 to 185 meters with an average scope and 200+ meters with higher end scopes (eye shine will be visible at 400+ meters)

These lights are made out of T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium with a clear glass lens. There are no filters involved so there is drop in light output. They use a special CREE LED that emits an incredible amount of focused light through a highly polished smooth reflector & glass lens to achieve the long range distance.

The kit comes standard with;
Torch with forward click push button tail cap & lanyard (for normal hand held flashlight use),
Tactical tail cap with coiled cord and pressure switch (momentary),
Tactical tail cap with coiled cord and latching on/off switch,
Scope mounting bracket,
Barrel mount,
2 pack protected lithium rechargeable batteries (2400 Mah),
Single 18650 cell charger,
Plastic battery storage box.

This Light is only 7 inches long and only weighs approximately 262 grams including the battery. It will run for 2.5 - 3.5 hours continuous use per battery. The light only takes one battery and you get 2 included.

If you have any questions, queries or require additional photos, please drop me an email or pm for a telephone number.

Green 270 Lumen (approx 530nm spectrum)
Red 260 Lumen (approx 630nm spectrum)

I’m looking €115 each + €4.95 postage