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21-09-2011, 22:25   #46
being awesome
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Originally Posted by Fewcifur View Post
As you can tell, I'm too lazy to multi-quote.

Shakespeare? Damn, that only adds to the myth of the actuary. I know four people who work in acutary... I know one of them is odd, and you're pretty unusual.. time to test the other two. Yes, the sample group will be small, but it'll be a start.
everyone i work with is pretty normal like
i think they think im odd too
Y'know... I sat there for a solid minute going "Compliment/Complement? Compliment? Complement? Ah feck it, she'll let me know soon enough!"
it was complement
Ah, I wasn't asking ya to hurry up or remind you about it, I was more curious about the effect of a site on someone's reading of a novel. Might throw it up on the Creative Writing forum.
good plan. Wouldn't make a difference for me

Least favourite food?
Favourite scene in Macbeth?
3 witches
Favourite building in Dublin?
don't have one, but christchurch is pretty
Favourite city in the world?
don't have one
Have you started using your super quill yet?
i decided it must be purely decorative or for right handers. So I'm just on the glass fountain pen
Coffee to wake you up or caffeine free?
coffee addict... i dont know how much difference it makes anymore

Originally Posted by Sephiroth_dude View Post
Have you played fallout 3?or fallout nv or any games in the fallout series for that matter
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22-09-2011, 01:45   #47
Exactly what it says on the tin!
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With thanks to bluey, who may now rest from her herculean labours here with a little light modding of the Presidential elections threads ... >_>
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