Welcome to the Google Earth Forum all

The rules in this forum are basically the same as all other forums on boards.ie

-No Spamming
-No Disrespect to other members in any form
-No Racism
-No Cracks, Warez or any other illegal activity

If you are uploading an image or file to do with Google Earth to be viewed by others, please use a suitable method

Such methods include uploading photos as jpeg's, not bitmaps, we dont all have broadband and have to think about the people using dial-up

Also when trying to direct someone to a certain place in the Earth, there are two suitable ways. One is to give decimal co-ords, as these can be copied and pasted straight into the search bar. The other is to upload a .kmz file, which is a file read by Google Earth to give the location of something. If you download a .kmz file, all you need to do press "Open with Google Earth" and it will take you straight to the desired place

This Charter may change over time

I am leaving the charter open so any questions about the charter can be asked here but only about the charter

Enjoy the forum!