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Galaxy S3 Upgrade

05.06.2012 15:00 #1
Hey Three,

I got the Samsung Galaxy S3, and upgrade from the S1. I was not made aware I will need a new SIM also as my current SIM does not fit. Can you confirm what I need to do?
05.06.2012 15:07 #2
Pop into any Three store and let them know that you need a micro sim
05.06.2012 15:20 #3
Thanks Sheena!
05.06.2012 15:30 #4
Actually Sheena, I am an idiot. The Micro SIM came with the phone in the box. Cheers.
06.06.2012 10:55 #5
Not to worry, you're up and running now which is the main thing! ;)
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