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Unlock replacement phone query

21.05.2012 12:39 #1
Registered User

I've just notification (by text) from o2 that they have no record of my IMEI, and therefore can't give me an unlock code. My phone was replaced a while ago (through o2's insurance).

Can anyone tell me what the next steps are? Its an iphone for what thats worth.
21.05.2012 12:52 #2
Thanks Dodge, can you pm your imei and I will get this updated for you, in order for you to get the phone unlocked.
21.05.2012 15:10 #3
Registered User
Em, I might be missing somethign but i can't seem to PM you?
21.05.2012 15:19 #4
Registered User
Found it there. I changed my settings to ignore images and signatures so couldn't see it

Have sent it on. Thanks Lisa
21.05.2012 16:42 #5
Thanks Dodge, I have replied back.
22.05.2012 15:18 #6
Registered User
Got notification that I can now unlock it.
22.05.2012 16:37 #7
Great, just follow the steps on the text or email. Let us know if you have any issues.
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