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Transaction details

19.05.2012 12:10 #1
Registered User
Just wondering, are there any plans to upgrade the details of transactions available online? The current format, with limited number of characters, seems (at this point) dated at best, archaic at worst. I'm also aware plenty of other banks' systems are the same.

I know the info displayed isn't all the banks receive as I've had other cards before which displayed the full name of the business or ATM (regardless of length) as well as its address, where available. The card wasn't issued by an Irish bank, but it still provided the same amount of detail when used in Ireland. It would be very nice if BoI could look into a similar improvement.

Not of any urgency obviously, but it would be very nice to see
"365online International Payment #B00000000" for example, instead of "365IntPayB00000000". If I recall correctly it also separated clearly the company from the description. i.e. something Bank of Ireland might display as "PAYPAL *somebody" would be displayed as only "PAYPAL" and the description clearly resigned to another place (which obviously has advantages for noticing fraud). Printed statements were like BoI for obvious technical reasons.

Transactions were displayed in a brief list like BoI now with only minimal info, but they could be clicked on to show the address of the place and its full name, or in the case of a transfer, the person who sent it/it was sent to including address. (BoI already includes this extensive date on the notification letters of incoming international transfers, but theres no other way to access it)

Obviously it would most likely entail a large change to the systems. I also understand that maybe this is all Bank of Ireland receives in data, but I know that its at least possible to receive more. I don't expect you can give a firm response, but I hope you might at least take it under consideration (unless you're already planning such an upgrade).
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19.05.2012 12:30 #2
Registered User
See by query

The reality is that the banks are supposed to be fully SEPA/ISO20022 compliant and ISO20022 allows for much more detail in transactions, such as fully itemised invoice details to be embedded into direct debits etc.
21.05.2012 12:01 #3
Hi who it this,

Thank you very much for your post and suggestion. As pointed out above, Tow had a similar query about transaction narratives. I'll also forward your feedback on for consideration by the appropriate department.

Our current systems don't allow for additional information to be displayed on statements or online banking but if you require more detail then you can contact your branch who will be happy to help you wherever they can.

Thanks again for your comments,
21.05.2012 13:27 #4
Registered User
Originally posted by Bank of Ireland: Graham
if you require more detail then you can contact your branch who will be happy to help you wherever they can.

We have several such queries each week and spend hours trying to match up payments. A few months ago all calls to our branch's main number started to be routed to a call centre. We complained to the branch manager, who agreed it was a major problem, but fair dues to him, he gave us his direct dial number and we now contact him directly with our payment queries.

As you can see, the lack of payment information, even though it is available is costing not just BOI Customers, but BOI time and money.
22.05.2012 15:17 #5
Hi Tow,

I understand where you're coming from and appreciate your concerns. As well as the branch manager or other branch members, the contact centre staff should be able to help you with additional information on specific transactions where available. If they can't access the details for you at that time, the representative can arrange for someone to call you back with the information.

All our staff are available to service your queries but we're always looking at ways to improve that service. That's why your feedback is so important and I've highlighted it to the relevant areas.

Thanks for posting,
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