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Recommend me a TV please :-)

03.05.2012 20:09 #1
Registered User
Hey guys,

Well i have been told by the missus to pick a 30th bday present for myself! :D

Its about time i get my hideaway sorted with a nice tv instead of a pc monitor that im using at the min.

Im going to be hooking up my laptop via HD for gaming and movies and will also have a ps3 and xbox to connect. (i dont mind switching cables around if the tv only have two HD ports.

Im not bias wether its LCD or Plasma.
Im thinking 32inch since its going to be in the box room of the house.
What would you guys recommend?

Im told my budget is around 300ish for the tv. Can push up a bit if needed but not by much tbh.

Also, im not sure if you sell wireless headphones, but of you do could you also recommend one?

Thanks in Advance! :D
05.05.2012 13:38 #2
Verified representative
Hi Goodlad,

Thanks for getting in touch. And here's a early Happy Birthday. :)

In 32" you're going to be looking at either LCD or LED. Got some good deals on both. For what you need I think it's worth while checking out this Samsung LCD. It's got a very nice spec. Full HD, DLNA so you can stream over your network, 4 HDMI and USB playback. Comes in just a bit over budget at £329.95 I could offer next working day delivery for just £19.95:


Let me know if this is on the rite path. :)

We do indeed sell wireless headphones. Starting off with these amazing sounding Sennheiser wireless headphones for just £109.95! 20m range on them too. :)


If you were interested in both the above we could deliver both for £19.95.

Let me know what you think.

05.05.2012 20:48 #3
Registered User
Hi Kenny,

Cheers for the reply.
I took a look over the spec of the tv you linked. Tis a good bit over budget when i do the sterling to euro converstion on it.

I guess the DLNA feature is what pushes the price up.
I could live without the networking feature as i can just hook up my laptop with a hdmi cable and watch movies from that i guess.

I had a look around the site and this looks like it could do the job nicely?

Or is there something else you could recommend?

Thanks for the recommendation on the wireless headphones. I didnt realise they were pricey, i might just go for a wired set with a long cable :D
Last edited by goodlad: 05.05.2012 at 20:52.
06.05.2012 16:06 #4
Verified representative
Hi again,

Thanks for getting back to me. :)

That LG is a great screen, LED too so looks well slick. Now unfortunately it is a in-store only purchase so would need to be collected here in Belfast. :(

Another screen worth looking at is the LG 32 LK330 now this is a LCD screen rather than the LED. Pretty basic but the picture quality is good:


I could deliver the above for just £12.99. :)

We actually got some nice new Philips wired headphones in there on Friday. Check these bad boys out:

The cable is just 1.2m but you can buy extension cables. :)

We're offering these for a silly £12.95!!

Let me know what you think.

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