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32 Inch TV budget 250-350

10.04.2012 09:23 #1
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for 32 inch tv in the 250-350 range for the dad for his birthday. (Tomorrow - late notice I know)

What deals have you guys got ( I picked up a 42inch LG off you awhile back if you have that in the 32 inch it'd be great)

Also do you sell wall stands?

10.04.2012 11:35 #2
Verified representative
Hi Terry.

At the moment I have the following in stock:

LG 32LK330 priced at £239.95 / 299.99 Euro

LG 32LK450 priced at £264.95 / 329.99 Euro

Delviery on either of these screens would be £12.99

We can also offer our 5 year warranty at 10%:

However our courier do not collect today which means the soonest I could get it delivered to you would be Thursday 12.04.12

Let me know what you think.
10.04.2012 13:26 #3
Great stuff Kenny

I'll prob go for the 32LK450 but will need to run it by the others

Do you have a contact number I can get you at later?
10.04.2012 14:29 #4
Verified representative
Hi Tinyter28.

No problem at all.

You can get me on 0443339000071 :)
10.04.2012 22:53 #5
Registered User
Hi are these tv's saorview compatible?
11.04.2012 11:01 #6
Verified representative
Hi Hargo,

They are indeed. :)

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