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Win a €250.00 voucher and Get Energised for London 2012!

20.03.2012 11:42 #151
Getting the buggy out for a walk, unfortunatly not a lot more than that atm
20.03.2012 12:07 #152
Registered User
Walking and running
20.03.2012 12:10 #153
Registered User
Running, Cycling, Walking and a Kick About :D
20.03.2012 12:32 #154
Registered User
Running, hiking, hillwalking, football, and standing still sucking in deep draughts of fresh air surrounded by beautiful scenery. I don't get to do enough of any of these!

I can't wait to get my voucher. :P
20.03.2012 13:37 #155
Registered User
I love being walked by the dog!
20.03.2012 13:38 #156
20.03.2012 14:18 #157
Registered User
cycling - yay!
20.03.2012 14:56 #158
Closed Account
Thanks all for the responses - you're an energetic and outdoors-loving bunch, which is great! And inspiring. :)

Closing the competition now and we're off to select the winner (which will be done at random).

Result to be announced shortly... :)
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20.03.2012 15:14 #159
Closed Account
And the winner is lorcafan!
Originally posted by lorcafan
walking and cycling

Congratulations lorcafan - if you send me your name, address and contact telephone number by private message, we will arrange to have your prize sent to you! :)

20.03.2012 15:14 #160
My thing for the week is walking 5 miles four days a week and swimming 500 meters twiice a wekk. Not bad for a pensioner. !!
20.03.2012 15:15 #161
Registered User
Soccer, cycling, jogging, GAA I'll do anything outside once it's nice anyways.
20.03.2012 15:16 #162
Registered User
Cycling and walking with the bike if it's too steep !
20.03.2012 15:27 #163
Why are people still answering? :)
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