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On a positive note.....

10.03.2012 21:48 #1
Registered User
.....I have just noticed that my Mobile Broadband Pro has automatically been increased to 60GB per month - happy days!!
11.03.2012 03:34 #2
Registered User
Aright, and the point of this thread is......? :P
11.03.2012 10:29 #3
Registered User
To prove that despite problems with my iPhone account, 3 can get things right.

There was a long thread on here some time ago complaining that 3 would not let you convert the old 30GB plan to the new 60GB plan. Now it has been done automatically - good on you 3!!
3 thanks
12.03.2012 13:38 #4
Thanks Jaykay.
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