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Antec One Hundred

01.03.2012 08:42 #1
Registered User
Item #: 20088073 / Manufacturer P/N: 0-761345-15240-2
Availability: 0 units on stock.

Hi ya,

I noticed that this was due to come back in stock yesterday but there is nothing as of yet. Any idea when they are expected back in stock?

02.03.2012 11:26 #2
Hi Deejer,

These were due back in stock yesterday, it can happen that shipments arrive a few days late.

Have you one on order?
02.03.2012 11:36 #3
Registered User
No order in yet. Was waiting for them to be back in stock just to be sure ;)
19.03.2012 12:09 #4
Registered User
Originally posted by deejer
No order in yet. Was waiting for them to be back in stock just to be sure ;)

Do you think these might be back in stock anytime soon?
21.03.2012 13:45 #5
I'm afraid I cannot say for certain. This stock is still showing as outstanding on our system.

I think given the length of time that has passed it may be advisable to opt for a different case?

I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.


21.03.2012 14:15 #6
Registered User
thanks for the reply. Stock levels of this case seem to be low in alot of places so your not the only ones.

Just in general though you dont have a great selection of Eur50-60 branded PC cases. not being negative, just some feedback.
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