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Ivy Bridge Release

29.02.2012 08:32 #1
Registered User

I am waiting for Intel to release there Ivy bridge range of processors/motherboards.

I am just wondering how quickly you usually get new tech in stock once its released? Will it be available for pre-order??
29.02.2012 17:32 #2
Hey Beez

I was reading a few articles today that seem to suggest that the release date has now been pushed back until June.

We usually have the new tech items in and around their launch date- generally they are available to order on our website 3-4 days before we get the actual stock in our warehouse.

We have no further info on these yet.
23.03.2012 09:28 #3
Registered User
Any news on this? Also when are you getting GTX 680 graphics cards in stock?
23.03.2012 09:56 #4
The GTX680 was released yesterday afternoon, we have 2 currently on sale:

ASUS GeForce GTX680 2GB DDR5 GTX680-2GD5 (currently in stock)

MSI GeForce GTX680 2GB DDR5 N680GTX-PM2D2GD5 (stock due in our warehouse on Monday 26th)

On Ivy Bridge, I don't think we've had an update, the purchaser for these is currently away, I'll contact him when he is bck for an update.
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28.03.2012 07:45 #5
Registered User
There was ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboards on your website yesterday but now they are gone, why is that? Was going to buy one this morning.
28.03.2012 10:44 #6
Hi Beez,

If an item has been removed it is usually because it is 'end of line' meaning we can no longer get stock of that product. Alternatively the lead time for new stock is so long then we remove the product until it returns to inventory. Normally this means an absence of several weeks or more.

Perhaps you would like help choosing a different motherboard? Feel free to drop me a PM.
28.03.2012 11:49 #7
Registered User
No i can wait thanks. Its a brand new motherboard there are not even any reviews online for it yet. I cant find it anywhere else to purchase online. Maybe it was put up before being alowed by ASUS to go on sale?
29.03.2012 10:20 #8
There's an unboxing and review HERE:

Reports on Techpowerup that it's on sale in China HERE:
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18.04.2012 11:05 #9
Hey Beez

We have a range of Ivy Bridge intel Processors launching end of next week. The stock is currently embargoed in our warehouse, so will be available to order & ship as soon they go on market release.
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18.04.2012 13:23 #10
Registered User
Thats great thanks, will the Sandy bridge (i.e i5 2500k) drop in price next week with the release of the latest generation?
18.04.2012 16:31 #11
Good question! I'm guessing they will decrease, not sure if it will be an immediate decrease though. The price is dictated by Intel, so we'll pass on any savings as soon as we get them.
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23.04.2012 15:12 #12
Registered User
Originally posted by Komplett: Mairead
Good question! I'm guessing they will decrease, not sure if it will be an immediate decrease though. The price is dictated by Intel, so we'll pass on any savings as soon as we get them.

Hi Mairead,
I am waiting on the 3770K to finish a build, any update on release and prices yet?
I have no PC at the moment as first I ordered the i5 2550K and realised there was no graphics support and I changed to the i7 2600k.
This was due for delivery today but I got an RMA (Cooling Off) to return the 2600K due to the 3770K being released. So I am a bit anxious to finish this build and get going again.
23.04.2012 16:12 #13

Release date is Sunday for these
23.04.2012 16:17 #14
Registered User
Originally posted by Komplett: Mairead

Release date is Sunday for these

That's great. Can you tell me, when will they be available for order and an idea on prices?
23.04.2012 16:40 #15
We actually have the units in stock now, so will be able to ship them from Monday (30th) onwards, so orders placed Sunday & before 12pm on Monday will be delivered Wed. in Pick up Point or Thurs. by An Post. I don't have pricing yet, if I get any info between now and Friday I'll post it in this forum.
Last edited by Komplett: Mairead: 23.04.2012 at 16:41. Reason: typo
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