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Topped Up at ATM - Not sent to my phone

28.02.2012 08:41 #1
I've been on hold at vodafone customer cars fro the last 33 mins. I topped up two phones at 7.30am this morning from an ATM and nothing has been credited to either phone. Can you please help ASAP??
28.02.2012 12:15 #2
Eventually go through to customer service or should I say (non service). It will take up to 48 hours for them to resolve the issue. I asked for a call back as I didn't think this was satisfactory. Advised at 9.30am that I'd have one within the our. Still waiting :(

I'm down €50 and two of us without our credit. Is thery anything you can do to get this pushed on??

I had to give up topping up on line cause when I topped up online I got error messages telling me that my payment hasn't gone through, yet the money is taken off my credit card. When I top up at ATM, this happens???
28.02.2012 15:07 #3
Verified representative
Hi there,
One of the things we aren't able to look after here is ATM top ups, as it involves taking bank details.
What I can do though, is request a call from the helpdesk to follow up - just drop me a PM with the below details and I'll arrange this for you?
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29.02.2012 12:19 #4
Hi Darren, Thanks for coming back to me. I eventually got a call back yesterday afternoon. The issues still isn't resolved but they've updated that I have paid for credit so I'm on free calls and texts. They've also given me some credit (not what I paid for) to tide me over. I'll come back to you if I don't hear anything within the 48 hours. Thanks again
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