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Saorview approved.

18.02.2012 22:56 #1
Are all tvs saorview approved?
It does not say on website.
19.02.2012 20:08 #2
Originally posted by canalman
Are all tvs saorview approved?
It does not say on website.

Not every TV that is sold in Ireland has been through the formal Saorview approval process, so nobody can say that every TV they have is Saorview approved. The important thing is that all TV's are capable of receiving Irish digidtal services when they launch, and ours are. That's why we say Irish digital ready when we have a unit that has not gone through the Saorview approval process.
19.02.2012 20:49 #3
Looking for 32" saorview approved.
19.02.2012 21:01 #4

Not a bad option here.

Or cheaper again for an LCD

But if I was in the market myself this week this is what I would buy. Full 1080 and an LED
19.02.2012 21:06 #5
Thanks Declan,I will be calling in this week.
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