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3 MIFI E586 will not allow wireless printing to HP Photosmart 5510 printer

12.02.2012 16:13 #1
1st off let me say how good I have found the little MiFi E586 router from Three.

I attempted to setup this new printer via wireless printing. The printer connects to the wireless router a huawei E586M Wifi router from Three. It will connect over the internet standalone to the eprint service, it can check for updates and configure eprint if required. It is also showing up the the Huawei's DHCP table as a device. The blue wireless light is on and all status pages printed from it show everything is good to configure (attached pdf).

However I cannot wireless connect via a PC to it during the driver installation. You cannot ping it or display its web based control page. The ip address it picked from the LAN was Note the printer functions fine via USB connection however I need the handy feature of wireless printing.

I have emailed HP support over the weekend and here is the troubleshooting steps I completed:

Reset printer to factory defaults and configured again.
Checked for product updates when connected standalone via eprint.
Reset the Huawei E586M to factory defaults.
Placed the IP of the printer in the DMZ on the routers control panel.
Turned off the windows firewall.
Turned off the Huawei E586M routers internal firewall.
Checked for HP updates on the internet on laptop and updated as required.
Downloaded and ran through the HP Wireless troubleshooter tool.
Checked with Three whether their is a firmware update on the E586M they said no.
I spent over 3 hours with no luck on this issue.

Has anyone else had similar issues with this router and HP wireless printers?

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12.02.2012 16:34 #2
The IP address of the printer might change so bear that in mind with this method.

In Windows "Devices and Printers" Click "Add a Printer" > Create New Port> set type to Standard TCP/IP Port> put in the IP address alocated to the printer>next and see what happens ;) (Assumes win7 but similar from Windows 2000 onwards)

If that works you can then look into keeping the same IP address on the printer via a reservation or fixed address.
13.02.2012 11:13 #3
baords dyslexic
I understand what you are saying and I usually use a static LAN IP on print servers.

The problem is I cannot get to this stage as usually I use the print server web interface to change to static.

I emailed HP on Sunday and no response yet....
13.02.2012 11:26 #4
Originally posted by andrewdeerpark
baords dyslexic
I understand what you are saying and I usually use a static LAN IP on print servers.

The problem is I cannot get to this stage as usually I use the print server web interface to change to static.

I emailed HP on Sunday and no response yet....

Can't you do a ad-hoc connection to the printer from the laptop and make the set up changes on the web interface without the E568 first?
13.02.2012 11:30 #5
The day I was their I had no other wireless router so I am going to try that in the next day or so and see how if goes. Note this printer has just Wifi and USB as the connection type: no ethernet so a cross over patch lead was out.
13.02.2012 12:53 #6
It would unusual if you coudn't set the IP address on from the front panel controls, often an exercise in frustration but normally possible.
14.02.2012 09:50 #7
baords dyslexic
I will try that in the next few days (fixed IP). HP support suggested adhoc direct wireless communication to the printer as a troubleshooting measure, as you said yourself. The only meaningful idea out of 3 emails.

Just for others the hp support email to avoid the rubbish web form is:

Have to say even though I gave a detailed email to them initially I have found the HP email support useless so far, telling me nothing that google or support forums would not turn up.

In essence they are blaming the router. See what three have to say as I would now like to push back on Huawei.
Last edited by andrewdeerpark: 14.02.2012 at 09:53.
19.03.2012 16:14 #8
Did you ever find a solution to this?

I have had great service from my mifi but recently bought a brother DCP-J315W wireless printer and I am having the same trouble. The printer connects to the wifi, the printer is showing up on the huawei device as connected but my laptop can not find the printer during the wireless setup. It works perfectly over USB connection but really would like the wireless fuction to work.
19.03.2012 19:50 #9
Never did get to the bottom of it. I was setting up for a friend of mine so I just used the USB cable. I believe its an issue with the MIFI that I hope three and huawei will address.
25.03.2012 12:25 #10
I found the solution eventually here:

"To connect a printer to the e586, go into the settings by typing into browser address bar.

Login using username 'Admin' and password 'Admin' (case sensitive)

Click Settings.

Go to WLAN settings.

Go to WLAN advanced settings.

Turn AP isolation off.

Your printer should now work with the e586 network."

I hope a few others find this useful!
4 thanks
26.04.2012 23:38 #11

Tested your setting change and indeed it does work.

Thanks for your answer
01.05.2012 11:04 #12
Glad you got sorted with this! :)
17.07.2012 19:58 #13
Worked a dream! Thanks.
1 thank
23.07.2012 15:50 #14
Recently purchased an E586 mifi 'hotspot' from 3 and I have the same issues as the OP with a wireless Brother DCP-J315W of not being able to print to it. Had it previously working with an older E180 with an Edimax 3G-6200WG router so the issue is with the differences on the E586 mifi. Have entered the 8 digit pin code in the Network settings on the printer and got a WLAN report stating that it was OK.

Have tried the previous suggestion but the AF isolation was already off.

Would be very appreciative if anyone has any other ideas and to I could try.
24.07.2012 11:43 #15
Have you tried turning the AF isolation on, saving and then going back in to turn it off? Not sure it will make a difference but may be worth trying.
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