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Delivery address clipped

27.01.2012 10:10 #1
Registered User

I just checked the invoice on an order I placed and the shipping address on the invoice does not match the delivery address I specified in the order.

When I created my account the address came out a bit back to front (house number at the end, European style) so I created an alternative delivery address which matches my actual address. I selected this address when ordering and your system used this one on the invoice (the house number is at the start) but it did not include the full address, it appears to have skipped/clipped some of the address.

This is a worry as it is bound to delay delivery if I am lucky, it will be undeliverable if I am unlucky.

I am dissapoint.
27.01.2012 11:43 #2
Hi Sconsey,

I'm sorry to hear you have had difficulty changing your address. If you would like to PM me your VOR number I will check if the delivery address is ok.
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