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Recommended bracket for Samsung UE40D5003

29.12.2011 10:19 #1
Hello Declan,

I bought this 40'' Samsung LED in the Sale and wondered what bracket options I have ? I want to put the TV in a 90 Degree corner.

30.12.2011 00:13 #2
I have no idea but I was thinking about getting the same TV. Is it any good and does it have a VGA or DVI port?
30.12.2011 09:54 #3
Originally posted by Spastafarian
I have no idea but I was thinking about getting the same TV. Is it any good and does it have a VGA or DVI port?

Here's the answer I got from Mark, our manager in Blanchardstown

We do not range in the business a bracket that gives the option to display a 40" TV at 90 degrees.

The maximum rake angle that a 40" TV can be displayed at is 60 degrees due to the width of the tv and length of the bracket arm.

The bracket I would suggest is a logik LCLD11X. Price €109.99

WBW 25% off offer available.

That means we discount the price by 25 % when you buy this with a TV. But if it's not the right product for you I suppose that doesn't really matter. Sorry we don't have a 90 degree, very frustrating that we don't have a product a cusotmer wants
30.12.2011 17:36 #4
Thanks Declan.

I asked your advice because I dont know if I was given the correct advice when buying the TV. When I bought the TV, I was advised that the correct bracket was the LOGIK LCLS11X . I took the advice and bought this one. now as I understood this was the correct bracket I went ahead and bored the wall where the TV was to be hung, mounted the bracket and then found out that the fixings for the back of the TV are not fitting (must be altered by boring an extra hole).
my first impressions were that the bracket was very heavy for the weight of the TV but maybe I am wrong.
Great TV though..
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