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trying to upgrade my phone online

08.10.2011 21:39 #1
Registered User
i am trying to use the online shop to upgrade my pay as you go phone and am unable to.
the problem is that i was going to give my wife the old phone so i order a sim chip prior to ordering the phone and now every time i go to check out i am being told "Sorry, this card has been used too recently" it has been 3 days now.
how long do i have to wait to order a second item from your site?

i would order it over the phone but the deal the sales woman gave me over the phone was much worse then the one you have online.

thank you
11.10.2011 13:01 #2
This is a security feature on the side to protect both customers and Three. If you want to send me through your details, I'll see what I can do to get this sorted for you.
12.10.2011 21:06 #3
Registered User
Given up on upgrading my phone with three, it is far to much trouble. the sim order which caused your system to keep me from upgrading my phone has now be canceled by you and when we called were told if we want an explanation we have to write a letter to three.:mad:

btw, it has nothing to do with the cc cause boi told me three was approved for the transaction just never completed it.
13.10.2011 12:05 #4
I still want to get this investigated for you. Do you want to send me through your details?
13.10.2011 14:09 #5
Registered User
thank you for still wanted to look into it.

this is a copy of the email we received yesterday. i pmed the invoice number to fiona

Thanks for your recent Three Prepay order.

We consider each prospective customer’s order very carefully. This means that from time to time orders may not meet our service criteria and we are unable to process them.

In reaching our decision we have carried out some standard checks like verifying information such as the type of credit card used to make the purchase, and the volume of devices ordered using the same card details.

Unfortunately we are unable to proceed with your order at this time.

There may be a simple explanation for this so here are a few suggestions about things to check:
·Did you enter all of your details correctly? Especially your card number.

·Is your order correct and as you intended? For example the handset and quantity of items in the order.

·Have you confirmed with your card provider that there are no issues with your card?

Kind Regards,

Three Customer Protection Team

like i said in the previous post called cc company and the order was approved but never completed by three.

when we called three my wife who's name the sim was under was refused an explanation by the customer service rep. even though she gave answers to all your security questions.
13.10.2011 14:15 #6
... and we are still awaiting a call promised from the Security department to explain why!

We have spoken with our Bank who assured us that they approved the transaction - it just wasn't taken up by 3.
13.10.2011 14:17 #7
Dud they say why they wouldn't talk to your wife? Thanks for sending through those details, we can get it looked into.
13.10.2011 14:34 #8
Registered User
they just kept telling her she would need to write a letter by post with multiple forms of id to find out why the order was canceled and that answering all the security questions and having the invoice number wasn't enough.

which is very excessive, since they will take the order over the phone with cc info.

then said someone would call back today, but i am not holding my breath on it.

thank you for your help.
13.10.2011 15:50 #9
No probs. We'll take a look and be back soon.
13.10.2011 22:38 #10
Registered User
got a call tonight about the reason for canceling the order and it was actually sillier then we thought.
according to the fella who called the system can't handle 2 different names connected to 1 cc number, so only one person can ever buy stuff from three. if you are married and have 2 credit cards for a single account never try and buy anything from them if your other half ever did in their life.

i purchased my last phone with the site months ago and because the name for the current purchase didn't match the number the shop had on record it flagged the order and just canceled it a week later with no explanation.

I can't believe your system would cancel an order because it thinks it is suspicious and not notifying me something strange was going on with my card.

still don't know why i couldn't place the 2nd order but seeing how odd the answer to the successful order failing is i couldn't begin to imagine what the problem is with the order i couldn't complete is.
18.10.2011 13:00 #11
Okay, that's a stretch I'd say. There are security features in place to protect both customers and Three. Most businesses have similar measures in place.
18.10.2011 13:38 #12
Registered User
that is what the 2 different folks who called from three said.
1 name is connected to 1 credit card number, if you have 2 names to 1 number like we have it locks to the 1st person who uses it.

so the order was rejected because it was in my wife's name using the same cc number i used.
which means she can never buy anything online from three cause of the way the system is setup.

if that is the way it is setup it is fine, the only thing is if you cancel an order cause of something your security feels is wrong then you should tell someone besides the person who ordered the phone.

all you did was send an email a week later to the email address the order was placed.
you should of sent an email to the address connected to the credit card in your system or got in touch with the cc company.

sending an email to the orderer's address only tells them it was canceled so if it was stolen they can still go ahead and use it just not on your site.
18.10.2011 15:35 #13
I see where you are coming from, but that would be in breack of the Data Protection act, we can't discuss account details with anybody but the account holder.
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