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Any more Discounts?

16.09.2011 16:57 #1
Registered User
I am on Value Reward Price plan and have just got 2% discount. Have been told that I can not get the 6% discount because I pay part of the bill every couple of weeks on line instead of direct debit.

Note that I use e-billing.

Are there any discounts I am missing out on.

16.09.2011 17:13 #2
Hi paulgalway,

With our Value Reward plan, we can offer an additional 4% discount for paying your bill by direct debit.

However, we can also offer an additional 3% discount on your electricity units if you have piped gas in the premises and would be interested in switching to ESB Electric Ireland for your gas supply. We can also offer an additional 4% off your gas units for direct debit, and an additional 2% off the gas units for online billing.

If you have further questions, please ask :)

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