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No 3G Clonsilla barely GPRS

30.05.2011 16:29 #1

I live in the clonsilla area. On the morning of Saturday May 21st both voice and data from my mobile phone went down. No signal at all.
Then voice returned but no data. Also have a Vodafone dongle and for about 7 days this could not connect at all. Also tested that when I was
travelling abroad it worked okay.

Every time I call the 1907 number I am told they are aware of the cell problems in Clonsilla area and it is being worked on.

Once I leave the area phone picks up a UMTS signal with excellent speed and consistent signal strength. As soon as I return it falls back to GPRS with little or no access to using web site and limited email access.

Can you provide an update on what the specific problem resolution is and
some eta for a solution please?


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