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[CLOSED] Win an Apple iPad2 with ESB Electric Ireland

04.04.2011 13:51 #1
Hi Everyone,

We have plenty of news today and a very nice prize up for grabs… (where’s the salivating smiley face?...) ;)

The news, in a nutshell:

We now sell gas, and we’ve just launched a range of great value price plans for electricity and gas.

Switching to one of our new electricity-only plans could help you save up to 14%* on our current electricity unit rates. Getting your electricity and gas from us, could mean savings of up to 17%* on electricity unit rates and up to 6%* on gas unit rates. To find the best plan for you just click here.

Our other big news is... We’re now on Twitter! :)

Visit us at, where we’ll be standing by ready to respond to your tweets, account queries, and anything ESB Electric Ireland. We’ll also be on hand to give advice and help you decide on the right energy price plan for you.

In our last bit of news, we’d like you to welcome aboard to the forum Electric Ireland: Una and Electric Ireland: Sonia.

Direct any complicated queries their way… ;) They’ll also be my fellow tweepz colleagues on Twitter.

So, onward to the competition! To celebrate all this news, we’re giving away an Apple iPad 2!

This amazing 32GB tablet has all the features of the original iPad plus a thinner, lighter design; it boasts 3G and Wi-Fi, and has two cameras for both video calling and filming.

To be in with a chance to win, just tell us below in 140 characters or less (tweet style) what big, or not so big, news you have today...

Don’t worry yourself too much over what to say, as it will be a random draw. Just put @electricireland before your comment and work away!

Closing date for this competition is next Sunday midnight, April 10, 2011. (see here for our T&Cs).

Best of luck!


* NOTE - this competition can only be entered via boards - sorry if there's been any confusion to Twitter users. *
Last edited by Electric Ireland: David: 05.04.2011 at 14:37.
18 thanks
04.04.2011 13:55 #2
@electricireland My big (small) news today is that my experiment worked. Good day :)
04.04.2011 13:58 #3
Registered User
@electricireland just got good news that I'm changing what class I teach next week. After 2 months, it'll be nice.
04.04.2011 13:58 #4
Registered User
@electricireland Unable to get to sleep early most nights til 3/4am. Awesome dreams though!
04.04.2011 13:59 #5
@electricireland My big news today is that i entered a competition to win an ipad2.
04.04.2011 13:59 #6
@electricireland I've got today off :P
04.04.2011 14:00 #7
Registered User
@electricireland my big new today is that my mum had a ct scan and now we keep everything crossed while we wait for the results.:(
04.04.2011 14:00 #8
Registered User
@electricireland Just got 2 essays finished within the tough deadline and don't have to worry about anything now till exams which are in 3 weeks time
04.04.2011 14:01 #9
Registered User
i made it into work on time today.
04.04.2011 14:02 #10
@electricireland Today is my last Monday in my current job. :D
04.04.2011 14:03 #11
@electricireland I like cake
04.04.2011 14:03 #12
Registered User
@electricireland Up all night with my sick wife. Doing all the chores today and am working evenings today so i'll be up till 2:30am.
04.04.2011 14:03 #13
Closed Account
@electricireland with a bit of luck I should be a daddy later today
2 thanks
04.04.2011 14:03 #14
@electricireland I just had a fantastic chicken sandwich!
04.04.2011 14:04 #15
Registered User
@electricireland i made it to work on time
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