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how do i send a call me message on vodafone?

14.07.2010 00:29 #1
Registered User
How do you send a call me on vodafone?
14.07.2010 00:34 #2
hi bob, i've moved your thread here to the vodafone forum. thanks
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14.07.2010 12:45 #3
Verified representative
Here we go:

Send your friends full mobile number including the prefix eg 08xxxxxxxx to 50234
A Call Me! text will then be sent to your chosen number. It will look like the message has been sent from your phone.
You will receive a confirmation text message as follows "Your Call Me! text message has been sent successfully. You will be able to send your next free Call Me! text tomorrow".
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14.07.2010 14:27 #4
Registered User
14.07.2010 18:21 #5
i've added a link to this into the mobiles & pda forum faq now. thanks
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