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Order VOR10001272

07.05.2010 14:57 #1

Can anybody tell me what is going on with my order? First my order was confirmed and money was taken off my account, then it was claimed the order had been cancelled due to the move to a new ordering system (twice confirmed and the assurance that my money had not been booked over, only "reserved"). I then ordered my stuff somewhere else and then find out subsequently that my order had been reinstated and the package was waiting for me? Then I got the confirmation that it would be cancelled and the package returned and that I would get my money back, but until this day, my account still hasn't been credited. The only reason I found out that a package was waiting was because I was in contact with the pick up point manager here in Dublin (who thankfully was very helpful). To this day I still have to get any response from customer services (Noone responded to my email and if you choose option 1 on the customer care line you get disconnected immediately without explanation or warning. What the h... is going on here???

I want my money back!!!

07.05.2010 16:15 #2
Hi Erwin,

Sorry for the trouble, but as you've said, your order is currently downstairs at the pickup point. With orders for pickup, the easiest way to cancel them is simply not to pick them up; after one week, those packages will be marked as 'unclaimed' and sent back, at which point, a refund is issued.

For that reason, if something was already in transit to the pickup point when someone asks for a cancelation, the easiest solution for all concerned is usually to allow the package to sit through the week and go back as unclaimed, triggering an automatic refund as it does so.

I apologise that this wasn't made clearer to you,

08.05.2010 00:14 #3
Hi Marc,

Thanks for the quick reply. Your answer however confuses me even more. You are now saying the package is still there? I received an answer from Ross on the 28th that he was going to return the package immediately/ask the warehouse to deal with it asap. I assume he held up his part, so where did it go wrong this time? P.S.: This was the answer from Ross: "Dear Erwin,

That's no problem at all. I'll send them back first thing tomorrow with and send notice to the warehouse to deal with this is as quickly as possible as I know you have been waiting quite some time.I apologize again for the delays and thank you for your patience throughout this whole matter. Hopefully we can avoid this from happening in the future."

You can understand how this does very little to improve my opinion of your company. Which is a shame, because before this I had very good experiences with Komplett.


08.05.2010 00:18 #4
P.S.: Komplett cancelled on me, not the other way around. And then re-issued the order without telling me... I understand that system changes can be challenging, God knows I went through enough of them myself, but this surely has to go down in history as the worst transition in the history of mankind... Who had the glorious idea of changing the warehouse, the order system and the website all at the same time???
08.05.2010 00:30 #5
Sorry Irwin, if Ross assured you that it would be sent back the next morning then I don't doubt that it has been. Unfortunately, the stock system that I can see from my desk only references from us to the customer, so if stock is returned then it's not updated on my side.

That part was just my misinterpreting the data I had :(

As to why your refund hasn't yet been issued, I don't know, but have marked it to be looked up as soon as I get back to the office.

Originally posted by fatboyie
Who had the glorious idea of changing the warehouse, the order system and the website all at the same time???

As with so very many cases like this, the answer is sadly, "the management" :(
10.05.2010 09:18 #6
Should have guessed that answer :) Thanks very much for checking this up for me. I realize that Ross didn't have to do all he did and that you answer posts at half twelve on a Friday is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy beyond what I could except as well. Good to see the working parts of Komplett in action :-D

10.05.2010 10:59 #7
Originally posted by fatboyie
Good to see the working parts of Komplett in action :-D

Just didn't want to leave people guessing :)
13.05.2010 09:49 #8
Hi Marc,

Did you get any answer back regarding the refund? I still don't have anything on my account... :-(


13.05.2010 12:47 #9
Hi Marc,

It's still not possible to call Customer Services because of that 2 minute limit on the queue. I've tried it god knows how many times by now. It's starting to get really silly now. The order was placed on the 8th April and the money taken on the 9th (and the order cancelled on the same day from Komplett's side), so it's now well over one month since everything started. I think it's perfectly reasonable if I request a solution date for all this. An email from Customer Services would be very welcome...


13.05.2010 13:25 #10
If its not done by now, would it not be easier to try a chargeback if you used a credit card? Just call up your back send them a letter and they get the money back for you, I've done it a few times when had problems like this.
13.05.2010 14:14 #11
It would be, but I think that might take even longer. Anyway, dropped by the PUP and got some progress on the matter. They are still very helpful (and embarrassed...). Fingers crossed...
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