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Samsung Omnia II / Mobile broadband

18.12.2009 09:49 #1
Registered User
just waiting on delivery of a Samsung Omnia II (i8000) unblocked.

Question is, I am currently on Vodafone Simply (SE K800i)...

Can anyone recommend which extra is worth getting for mobile broadband for this device?

BTW, I am willing to change service provider if Vodafone can't offer the service required..

Thanks in advance....
18.12.2009 10:23 #2
Hi experimenter,

Can you tell me what you'd be using the device for and I'll have a better idea of what add on would be best suited?

(Emails, Browsing, specific apps you use etc?)

18.12.2009 10:47 #3
Registered User
Hi Paul,

Just for hotmail access, Skype (if possible) and some internet access while on the go... I wont' be a heavy user of Internet Services, but I would still like the option.

It will be my first Smart Phone, so not sure about applications etc...

I hope that helps Paul.

18.12.2009 10:49 #4
As you're on simply I'd recommend a 1GB add on (€10 per month)

If you find that you're exceeding this we can review and up the allowance if required.

18.12.2009 10:50 #5
Registered User
Hi Paul,

I can't see that option on "My Vodafone" extras only a 10GB allowance!

Any ideas?

GPRS Monthly cost
Purchase a 20MB or 50MB email bundle if you have the latest version of MS Exchange 2003 SP2.
Monthly 10GB Data Add On Bundle €16.45 Add
Last edited by experimenter: 18.12.2009 at 11:03.
18.12.2009 11:10 #6
If you send on your mobile number via PM, I can have it added for you.
(I'll send you on a PM to confirm.)

18.12.2009 11:12 #7
Registered User
PM Sent.

Thanks for your help.
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