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It’s a Wonderful Life’ Sequel in the Works

Star Partners and Hummingbird Prods. are collaborating on production of a sequel to Frank Capra’s iconic 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which starred Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

The sequel, titled “It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story,” is being produced by Allen J. Schwalb of Star Partners and Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird. The duo are aiming to get the movie into theaters for the 2014 holiday season.

No casting decision for the lead role of Bailey’s grandson will be made until February but producers have also begun discussions with original cast members Jimmy Hawkins, who portrayed Tommy Bailey, and Carol Coombs,who played Janie Bailey, to reprise their roles as well.

The producers are interviewing potential directors and plan to shoot the majority of the film in Louisiana. The sequel will have a budget in the $25 million to $35 million range

My initial thoughts are...NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!

As its being made though, I hope they do the classic movie justice.

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WatchWolf Registered User

That's depressing.

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Sleepy Registered User

I'll put up the first €100 for whoever can kill this.

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Sleepy said:
I'll put up the first €100 for whoever can kill this.

Like a "Casablanca" sequel its an awful idea, these films are completely of their time that IS there appeal, you can't recreate that 40s magic no matter how hard you try

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Sad Professor Information Retrieval

There's serious rights issues with the original film, so the chances of this actually happening are very slim.

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It's A Wonderful Life 2: Live Harder

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AnonoBoy Closed Account

"It's a Wonderful Life 2: Oh wait.... I was wrong, it's not at all. I'm feckin' Miserable"

FortuneChip Registered User

"It WAS a Wonderful Life, but we've run out of original ideas"

wandatowell Registered User

"Its a Wonderful Life 2: A Good Day to Live Wonderfully"

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The Dom Closed Account

Sad Professor said:
There's serious rights issues with the original film, so the chances of this actually happening are very slim.

Aren't the rights issues so bad that it's a case that almost anyone could come along and make one though.

Remember seeing something years ago that the only reason it began to get shown at Christmas every year and appeared in so many movies in TVs in the background (it must have the record on that) was because there was copyright issues and it was such that people could use it for almost anything and pay zero.

Must be twenty years since I remember seeing that in some docu or other, so most likely I have it arse ways.

As for the sequel, I would be in the: sure what harm camp.

So much junk gets made these days, can't be much worse than half the crap we see each week.

Obviously I wouldn't like them to do anything which cast a shadow over the original but I do see people's points that any sequel is likely to do that.

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McLoughlin Registered User

A clerical error prevented the copyright from being renewed properly in 1974 and in the 90s after alot of VHS release by various companies it was sort of renewed via a court case and its ownership has probably been sorted now

CastorTroy Registered User

I just don't see the point. It's not like the story hasn't been redone a million times already in different movies, tv movies and tv shows.

The Dom Closed Account

Good lord, I just read an article about how Karolyn Grimes's life (the girl who played Zuzu and is to star in this one) was after the original film came out.

She was six in the film and around the time she turned ten her mother developed Alzheimer's and died a few years later. Then two years after that her Dad was killed in a car crash. She then went to live with Aunt & Uncle who made he sleep in a cold damp basement (that apparently had snakes in it at times) and they stole and spent all her inheritance money which she had been left by parents. Many years later,in 1989, when she married, her 18 year old son hung himself. Three years after that her husband then contracted cancer and died shortly afterwards. Now her daughter has cancer and she is taking care of her.

Crickey, I know we all have out own troubles and all but man she sure has had her fair share. If nothing else, would hope any possible sequel does well, for her if for nothing else. She sure does deserve something going right for her for once.

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razorblunt Registered User

Episode 2: The Bank Strikes Back

Awful, awful, awful, watch Shia Le Boeuf get thrown around for this ... it's going to make me enjoy watching the original over Xmas all the more now.

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