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Hi folks

I wonder if anyone has information on the unemployment rates among counsellors /psychologists/psychotherapists. I expect clinical psychologists experience full employment, but I wonder what the statistics are for others in the ‘counselling profession’.

I imagine that it must be sole destroying for those who have studied for 7-8 years and spent thousands, to find that after all the hard work and sacrifices that there is no career for them and the few jobs that are available have so many applicants that all they end up with is a rejection letter.

I don’t mean to be negative but there may be lots of people out there in the counselling professions suffering the ill effects of the economic climate and I would be interested to hear what other people think.

dar100 Registered User

It is true that there is a limited amount of jobs, but I know many people who end up in roles similar to counselling; Keyworker, project worker etc. Others go into teaching and supervision. Many people have a limited number of clients and use the above jobs as their main income.

SONIC2008 Registered User

Yeah I have completed my masters in counselling and psychotherapy and unfortunately I can't see any job prospects in the current economic climate. It's also that catch 22, they won't take me on until I have experience but how do I get it unless someone gives me a chance!

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I would also be interested in feedback on this question.

JuliusCaesar Moderator

Do the colleges do any follow-up of their graduates?

Is anyone doing this as a Masters thesis?

Is anyone doing research on this?

Has anyone seen any journal articles about this?

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