poops66 Registered User

Hi. I have domain running with windows 2003 DC. Win7 and XP machines on the network all domain members. Shares maintained on server 2003.
I had a new w7 ultimate machine installed and some shares set up on it. newly setup shares were accessible by w7 or XP clients until I joined w7 to the domain. Once new w7 PC became member of the domain xp machines lost access to shares on w7. error message when you try to connect (or browse w7 PC): You might not have permission to this network resource. my other w7 clients still accessing shares from new w7 PC as before. Any ideas?

HelpWithIT Registered User

Easiest way is to set up shared folders on server...should work for you although I have found Server 2003 has issues adding Windows 7 machine properly but setup was different as all folders were on server and accesses by employees from their worksations with noe problems, win 7 included

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