EachSmallChime Registered User

I love doing those €1 and €2 euro scratch cards like the All Cash ones.

I've never won anything more then a €5 or €10 euro though.

Have any of you actually won any considerable cash of them?

SEPT 23 1989 Registered User

I usually win another scratch card and then win nothing

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mauzo Closed Account

I won 25, threw a few scratch cards into my uncles birthday card and he won 50

CardBordWindow Registered User

I once won a free scratchcard, so i got one. Scratched that one to reveal that I'd won ANOTHER free scratchcard.

This scratchcard won me me nothing.

Je suis Mario Why Always Me?


abouttobebanned Closed Account

These threads come up all the time. I belive the Irish national lottery are the hungriest bunch of chancers I've ever encountered. Has there ever been an audit done on the company to prove or disprove their claims of how much money they give away. Nobody ever seems to win on those scratch cards.

Steven81 Registered User

2 euro if i am lucky

Miaireland Registered User

I got a few as presents for my 21st. Got €100 in an All Cash and €50 in a Winning Streak. There were a couple of €10s and € 2 too.

Fupping Grasshole Closed Account

€5,000. Bought 10,000 scratchcards.

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gobnaitolunacy Closed Account

House always wins, scratch card winnings are crumbs off the table.

Sinfonia Registered User

Not that someone would necessarily come back to the shop if they won a top prize, but I never saw more than €100 in ten years when I worked in a Lotto agent.

Gone Drinking Registered User

Fupping Grasshole said:
€5,000. Bought 10,000 scratchcards.

There's 50c scratchcards now?

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davet82 Closed Account

€50 on a €1 scratch card was my biggest win

EachSmallChime Registered User

Even a 100 quid would be nice, to be honest.

I never really sink a lot of money in them, usually get 2 or 4 and just keep going till its gone.

Just realised though ive never met anyone who's ever even made 25 of one

spankysue Registered User

I was watching Winning Streak one night and one of the contestants had previously won €10,000 on one. Derek Mooneys reaction? "Jaysus, I never heard of anyone winning that amount on a scratchcard!" Great way of promoting the brand there Mooney.....

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