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one of my favourite games ever from 1998. i used to periodically search for stuff about it every few years and the community seemed pretty dead. a few old fansites but not much else.

so i was googling again at the weekend and it seems there's been a bit of resurgence, ta universe forum seems to be busy again, lots of mods, units and files being uploaded and it seems like there is a multiplayer scene on the go again.


Sabre Man Registered User

It was a great game.

BopNiblets Registered User

Like TA? Check out this Kickstarter project, looks freaking cool!

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Shapey Fiend Registered User

It never really died off multiplayer wise. One of the best players in the world is Irish (n1_RVD). There have already been hundreds of ladder matches played in 2013. If you've got TA you can download replays of him here:

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance has had an even bigger bounce back in the last 6 months. There are now often 600 to 1200 people online playing it whereas when it came out first there would only be a couple of hundred. I thought the game was pretty crappy at launch but the mod community have been tweaking it for years and with modern hardware it runs very nicely. Forged Alliance only costs a tenner on Steam and the client is excellent. They're putting Galactic War in next month I really recommend trying it. Here's a video if you're curious.

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